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Opened Never Used : Geo Infinity GeoBook 340 Laptop Intel Core i3-10110U 8GB RAM £161.49 with code @ laptopoutletdirect / eBay

£161.49£31048% off
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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Further 15% off this laptop and its bigger brother, Geo Infinity GeoBook 540 Laptop Intel Core-i5 10210U 8GB RAM 256GB SSD 14.1" FHD, Currently priced at £203.99.
All credit to sisqoboy who found these originally, was a cracking deal when he posted it 7 days ago let alone now, with the extra 15% it seems like one the best deals for a budget laptop I've seen in a long time.

CPU benchmark comparison between the Geobook 340 and 540's processors
As you can see from the comparison it's a fairly respectable 37.1% upgrade. In my eyes probably worth the extra £40, however the i3-10110U is by no means a poor processor and seems to actually perform rather well. Boith chips are from the latter half of 2019 and dwarf anything else at this pricerange.

Model GeoBook 340 Series GeoBook Laptop
Condition New
Type Notebook/Laptop
Screen Size 14 in
Maximum Resolution 1920 x 1080
RAM Size 8 GB
SSD Capacity 256 GB
Storage Type SSD (Solid State Drive)
Processor Intel Core i3 10th Gen.
Processor Type Intel Core i3 Processor Speed 2.1 GHz
Operating System Windows 10 Pro
GPU Intel UHD Graphics
Graphics Processing Type Integrated/On-Board Graphics
Optical Drive No DVD Drive
Backlit Keyboard No
Touchscreen No
Connectivity HDMI, USB 3.0
Colour Black
Features Intel Core i3 (10th Gen) 10110U 2.1GHz / 4.1GHz Turbo Processor, 14.1" FHD Display (1920 x 1080) Resolution with 1 Year Office 365 Subscription, Fingerprint Reader, Kensington Lock Slot

Model GeoBook 540 Series GeoBook Laptop
Condition New
Type Notebook/Laptop
Laptop MPN GE205
Screen Size 14 in
Maximum Resolution 1920 x 1080
RAM Size 8 GB
SSD Capacity 256 GB
Storage Type SSD (Solid State Drive)
Processor Intel Core i5 10th Gen.
Processor Type Intel Core i5
Processor Speed 1.6 GHz
Operating System Windows 10 Pro
GPU Intel UHD Graphics Graphics
Processing Type Integrated/On-Board Graphics
Optical Drive No DVD Drive
Backlit Keyboard No
Touchscreen No
Connectivity HDMI, USB 3.2
Colour Black
Features Intel Core i5 (10th Gen) 10210U / 1.6 GHz Max Turbo Speed 4.2 GHz Quad Core Processor, 14.1" Full HD Display (1920 x 1080) Resolution, Fingerprint Reader, 1 Year Microsoft Office Subscription
Most Suitable For Casual Computing
Manufacturer Warranty 3 Years
EAN 5060704192352
Item Weight 1.52 kg
eBay More details at eBay

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  1. Avatar
    Ordered Geobook 540 from ebay yesterday for £203.99, arrived this morning, seems to run fine, has a spare m.2 sata slot, and a spare ram slot. Cant complain for the price and spec, even if it dosent last that long.
    So far, there is nothing to criticise, but time will tell! Couple pictures attached, Ignore the Lextar nvme in the spare m.2 drive, put it in not realising it only supports sata.
    48921544-gpHTl.jpg48921544-Fqaq4.jpg (edited)
  2. Avatar
    Wouldn't touch a geobook, poor build quality generally and the hinges are prone to breaking or just wearing out pretty quickly, trust me I've owned lots of them.
    Why lots? If the 1st and 2nd one failed, what made you buying the same brand?
  3. Avatar
    Will this play age of empires 2 and fm 2017?
    AOE2 DE is supposed to be available on the Xbox Cloud lineup in January, so you’ll be able to stream it to any old potato anyway. Some people have been posting deals for the Xbox Cloud for like £0.50 per month. Been getting tonnes of mileage out of that

    That said, this laptop is good enough to run it either way. This deal is great.
  4. Avatar
    Wonder can any one help with my broken GeoBook, one fine evening it refused to boot.

    On power button, I can see power led lits, no screen, no post sound etc..

    GeoBook customer service all can say is try pressing the power button for 30 seconds to reset the system but no avail.

    Any clues?
    What model of GeoBook?
    From your description it sounds like something has gone wrong when coming out of hibernation, and it's got stuck in a low power state.
    I've seen it happen once before in a Geo laptop; would've probably been either a GeoBook 3, or a Geo Flex.

    If holding down the power button down for 10+ seconds didn't fix it, you could try opening up the laptop, unplug the battery from the motherboard, wait 10+ seconds, reconnect it & then try a normal power on. (edited)
  5. Avatar
    Is this a IPS or TN panel?
    Says TN panel at CCL under specs > Display (can't post a link as CCL is banned on here, but it's easy enough to find it there & have a look) (edited)
  6. Avatar
    Nice one!
  7. Avatar
    3 Year warranty.Wow.Nice touch.
  8. Avatar
    Shocking reviews on Amazon, multiple repeat issues reported on the 540
    I only saw 7 reviews and none of them were shocking. 2 were one-star. Wifi is flaky occasionally and someone said their battery lasted 3 hours. 1 was 5 star and 1 was 4 star. And this is in the context of a full-price device. The one on offer here has a 3 year warranty.
  9. Avatar
    Hear ordered ebay will see what its performs like

    No ethernet slot pity but wifi built in (edited)
  10. Avatar
    OK price but 3 year warranty is incorrect, Geo only offer a 1 year warranty and as these are returns I expect these will not be covered, I emailed the seller to confirm, but no response so far.
    Thanks. No 3 year warranty would be a deal breaker for me and probably other people too
  11. Avatar
    Upon further close research..reviews, comments.. gut feeling, and response i got from store... I cancelled my order.

    I just (taking all into consideration) and contrary to my initial positive thoughts/comments.. Just didn't feel good... So cancelled.

    Spec, look etc i cannot deny seems good for a laptop... But big all beit reluctant no from me.
    48908839-XMMUT.jpg (edited)
    2 great reviews. 2 mundane 1 star reviews. everything else is average. A total of seven reviews in the context of the higher-end device at full price. 3-year warranty on the one offered on ebay. Seems fine to me. And an earlier post from someone who bought a bunch for about £50 each and unsurprisingly they were substandard devices.
    Device description "Most Suitable For Casual Computing" so all seems fine to me.
  12. Avatar
    Voted hot. Perfect specs for such a price. (edited)
  13. Avatar
    Is the extra £42 worth the upgrade for the i5?
  14. Avatar
    Heat added, cracking deal
    Yep, Heat added.
  15. Avatar
    Is this the same laptop (the i5 one)?


    There's only a handful of reviews but they seem slightly off-putting, despite the great price. (edited)
    You've linked to the 540, the 340 model is the same as the one in this deal amazon.co.uk/GEO…YMH (in the same Amazon listing)
    Poor WiFi seems to be the consensus, but easily remedied for £5-10 with a donge - buy if you don't mind this, the TN screen or that you might need to repair it yourself (/take it to a shop) if something goes wrong, especially when it goes out of warranty. (edited)
  16. Avatar
    Good price but you do get what you pay for with Geobooks. We recieved quite a few with the DFE covid scheme, 1 was configured & used. The rest sat in a cupboard. Not worth the hassle. Compare that to the dell 3190s with similar spec, we have about 60 in use currently.
  17. Avatar
    Opened never used... How many are for sale? They all have this exact status :/
  18. Avatar
    Will this update to Windows 11?
  19. Avatar
    Windows 10 Pro!
  20. Avatar
    Listed at ebay at £189
  21. Avatar
    Looks good for specs, but the repeated reviews saying flakey wifi killed it for me. Using a dongle in 2022?!
    If wifi on any of my machines is flaky I find that switching to a dongle is way quicker than spending hours trying to see if there's a driver issue or hardware fault etc. I can deal with any issues once I have got what I need to do done.
  22. Avatar
    wow that is a crazy deal
  23. Avatar
    The price is great, the product not so. Me personally I would avoid from the not so great reviews of the item.
  24. Avatar
    Personally I would go for a used laptop tbh
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