Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising (with Play.com Exclusive 'Coastal Stronghold' Mission Unlock Code) PC £17.99 @ Play
Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising (with Play.com Exclusive 'Coastal Stronghold' Mission Unlock Code) PC £17.99 @ Play

Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising (with Play.com Exclusive 'Coastal Stronghold' Mission Unlock Code) PC £17.99 @ Play

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As the much anticipated return of the genre-defining military conflict title, Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising is set to take gamers as close to war as they'll ever want to get. In a shooter that recreates the brutal reality of the modern combat experience in stunning detail, Dragon Rising will challenge players to survive the chaos and rapidly evolving situations of modern warfare in a new contemporary theatre.

Players will experience the intensity, diversity and claustrophobia of a present day conflict from the unique perspectives of an infantry marine and a Special Forces officer, each engaged against the full force of the Chinese PLA on the huge open-world island of Skira. Gameplay simulates an immense conflict between advanced forces and provides unparalleled scope with different military disciplines, vehicles and equipment for players to utilise.

* Pre-Order from Play.com and receive an exclusive code to unlock the 'Coastal Stronghold' mission. Codes and instructions will be emailed week of release.
* 'Coastal Stronghold' Mission: Assume control of an infantry fireteam, raiding a key PLA coastal defensive position. Once the PLA defenders have been eliminated, the player will have to organise their fireteam to hold the location from PLA counter-attacks, improvising defensive positions and using any fixed weapons they can find to tip the balance in their favour.
* The most accessible, immersive, engaging, sandbox wargame: All 220sqkm of Skira Island is completely open to explore at any time and includes a real-time day and night cycle and weather system. Streaming technology means that the island is always there, and a huge 30km draw-distance allows gamers to see flashpoints around the island playing out as they fly, drive and walk around the map.
* The biggest military toy-box ever seen in a console FPS: Players can pick up and use over 60 authentic weapons and explosives in Dragon Rising and utilise 25+ PLA and US Army Vehicles.
* Action-packed co-op and single-player campaign mode: With the entire campaign fully playable in co-op with four players, gamers will assume the roles of both USMC infantry and spec ops during the intense 11 mission campaign as the war plays out across Skira Island.
* Intricate attention to detail: Accurate USMC tactics and equipment are used throughout and US Marines were used as consultants during development to ensure authenticity.



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Review wasn't amazing on Eurogamer. 7 out of 10.

just ordered mine been waiting for this for 8 bloody years. the original was/still is the best single player fps game I ever played. online multiplaying it doesnt come close to things like call of duty but this has 4 player campeign mode which will make it even better!!!

I love this game best FPS for a while! Great tactical playing.

This is a brilliant game and in my opinion betas ArmA2 (which i also own).

However there is a big problem with this title. It has no multiplayer protection what so ever! Infact it doesn't even need a CD Key to play online. This basically means that anyone could illegally download the game and play it online. It also means that there is nothing protecting you from people who cheat (use aimbots etc.). The multiplayer is only good if you play with people you know and trust. But thats not all. To top it all off this game has no dedicated servers at all which means very bad connections unless your hosting the game yourself (in which case the other players will have bad connections) or you are lucky enough to join a game of someone with a super duper internet connection or lives next door to you. This makes MP a no go area for me.

That said i really enjoyed the Singleplayer and am hoping the devs will rectify the MP problem through patches.

NOTE: It has been announced that CoD6 will not have dedicated servers either aswell as no ranking systems etc!!!


It's a incredibly buggy game in my opinion. It seems it's a poor PC port. There is a patch coming out, hopefully soon as it is enjoyable.

Well one thing i can say about this game is that it is not buggy. I know alot of people who play this and even those that prefer ArmA have said that the one thing they like about it is how polished it is (as in non-buggy). Yes it has a few small bugs but nothing compared to other major titles.

I have a lot of patience and even though I had some fun playing it, it's very fiddly and you have to order the troops to do absolutely everything, they can never work under initiative which gets really old really fast.

The mission unlock codes are not unique and you can find them anywhere, if the code is swaying you between shop offers.

AmbushU454 Ambush
CloseQ8M3 Close Quarters
StrongM577 Coastal Stronghold
OFPWEB2 Debris Field
OFPWEB1 Encampment
BLEEDINGBADLY Fire Team Engagement
RaidT18Z Night Raid

its so funny that the pc version has no cdkeys, thus anyone with a copy can play online and even worse anyone can hack and just keep creating new accounts..lame

It's an ok game, it doesn't have the large world feel of the original or ARMA/ARMA2, also the campaign is pretty week, I would place it as somewhere between the Bohemia Interactive games and the CoD ones as far as realism. It was definately developed with an emphasis towards the consoles as the squad orders system is horrible to use with the mouse and keyboard, and the missions seem to take place on sections of the island, rather than the whole island, as the original OFP and ARMAs did.

It's a decent game and this is a good price (the pre-order price was £1 more), don't expect an upto date OFP, it's more Ghost Recon (as in the original PC Ghost Recon) in play, this game will depend upon whether the community generates some good maps and campaigns and if the multiplayer is any good (so far multiplayer is very weak).

Decent price for a new game.

Playing it now. Not met any bugs yet, and I'm at mission 10 in the single player campaign.

Very easy game though...
Issuing commands is a pain, so I end up ingoring them all except for "medic!". Not found any problems just trying to solo the game and ignoring my team-mates. I just snipe everyone, remembering to aim up for distance.

Fun enough, but not as good as the original.

What difficulty are you guys playing on? I found it rather difficult to solo on my own as the enemy AI is pretty smart and does outflanking manoveres etc. I've seen it do some stupid things but it still much smarter than the ArmA2 one.

It really struggles on my setup, the mouse seems very laggy and it spoils the game. Maybe it's my graphics card, maybe it's because I'm using Windows 7? I'm disappointed with the game.

Asus P5NE-Sli
Nvidia 8500GT 1Gig
Q6600 Quad core
3Gigs ram

UKseagull it's your GPU.

Looks like a good deal for a new game.

Wish they would hurry up and put a demo out for this though as even though I have a decent PC I still like to check what sort of performance I can expect and give the game play /controls a go before I commit to buying a game.

to UKseagull it's definitely your GPU unfortunately the amount of RAM in it is doesn't determine performance the 8500 is a pretty old chip and is was very middle of the park even when it came out


It really struggles on my setup, the mouse seems very laggy and it spoils … It really struggles on my setup, the mouse seems very laggy and it spoils the game. Maybe it's my graphics card, maybe it's because I'm using Windows 7? I'm disappointed with the game.Asus P5NE-SliNvidia 8500GT 1GigQ6600 Quad core3Gigs ram

Odd, must be your graphics card. I can run it basically full graphics at 50+ fps on

E6600 2.2GHZ (Overclocked to 2.7)
4GB Ram
Win 7
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