Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising £12.93 Xbox 360@Amazon

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising £12.93 Xbox [email protected]

Found 22nd Mar 2010
Same price at the Hut if you prefer.

The most accessible, immersive, engaging, sandbox wargame: All 220sqkm of Skira Island is completely open to explore at any time and includes a real-time day and night cycle and weather system. Streaming technology means that the island is always there, and a huge 30km draw-distance allows gamers to see flashpoints around the island playing out as they fly, drive and walk around the map.
The biggest military toy-box ever seen in a console FPS: Players can pick up and use over 60 authentic weapons and explosives in Dragon Rising and utilise 25+ PLA and US Army Vehicles.
Action-packed co-op and single-player campaign mode: With the entire campaign fully playable in co-op with four players, gamers will assume the roles of both USMC infantry and spec ops during the intense 11 mission campaign as the war plays out across Skira Island.
Online Presence: In addition to four-player co-operative gaming throughout the entire campaign mode, Dragon Rising supports PvP multiplayer for eight players. With each player controlling a four-strong fireteam, the game provides up to 32 characters on-screen in huge firefights.
Intricate attention to detail: Accurate USMC tactics and equipment are used throughout and US Marines were used as consultants during development to ensure authenticity.

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HOT for price, I didn't like the game thou maybe check video gameply before you buy thou.
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