Operation Flashpoint: Red River (PC) - £14.98 Delivered @ Game
Operation Flashpoint: Red River (PC) - £14.98 Delivered @ Game

Operation Flashpoint: Red River (PC) - £14.98 Delivered @ Game

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Pretty good price for the PC version. The nearest I spotted elsewhere was £19.99.

Reviews look pretty good and its apparently a bit more forgiving than the last Flashpoint game

Edit: Apparently its not a good game. Please disregard this deal. Ta.


Which reviews say it's pretty good? Bit Tech slate it.

Does this use steam to activate it?

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Yes I think I may have read a console review. I have just found that other reviews have not been so favourable
Ah well.


i swear this was only £12.98 last week from game

Hands on experience, it is terrible.

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Testicles. Oh well. Anyone know if Games Stores take online returns?

Its good if you have friends to play with rather than the AI but guess thats how most games are.
Can't activate via Steam.


Unfortunately it's not half as good as its predecessor.... It's basically JUST a console game and personally I think it's unplayable on pc; the mouse movement is horrible, huuuuuuuge amounts of acceleration which you can't remove put on it, when you scope it reduces the sensitivity massively (a consley thing), it doesn't look as good as Op Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, you can't go anywhere in the map anymore, only a ridiculously small amount of the playing area (which would be ok if the game constantly engaged you to go to the next objective, but it doesn't so you find yourself going.. "ok i'm not standing here suppressing fire upon buildings 300 yards away for little reason, i'm gona bounce over that river and stab them all in the face", but you can't (because there's no knife for one!) because you explode in pixels if you go more than 10 yards away from the stated mission objective.......................

why oh why did I buy this off steam for £30 the other week. It's cack
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