Operation Good Guys - Complete Series 1 To 3 [DVD] £7.99 @ Amazon

Operation Good Guys - Complete Series 1 To 3 [DVD] £7.99 @ Amazon

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DVD Description
Series 1: A fly-on-the-wall documentary series about an elite police unit's bid to snare one of Britain's most powerful crime lords. But things are not quite what they seem... Operation Good Guys is in fact an innovative and irreverent comedy. Blurring the line between fact and fiction, it witnesses, on camera, the total breakdown, professionally and personally, of the Operation Good Guys team. Throughout the operation, The 'Good Guys' have an unfortunate habit of embroiling into their calamitous world some of the country's best-known celebrities, from actors and footballers, to TV presenters and even the odd ex-convict. Series 2: The first series won the Silver Rose for Best Sitcom and the Prix de la presse at Montreux 1998. Now DI Beach and the team are docu-soap stars, the police have no choice but to reunite them. Barry Couch, the constabulary's newly appointed razor-sharp PR consultant, organises a number of "controlled" showcase operations, from traffic calming in Camberwell to perfume scams on the Costa Del Sol, to prove the previous operation as a one-off failure. But with BBC producer Clive Tollack looking to manipulate every situation for television effect and Barry Couch trying to stop him, and with the Good Guys only beginning to come to terms with the pressures of their newfound celebrity, one thing is for sure - nothing will go to plan. Series 3: The hilarious spoof-docu-soap - set in a disaster-prone police station - returns. As the BBC commissions ever-more unrealistic scenarios, DI Beach and his colleagues find themselves dressed as women; giving road-safety classes to schoolchildren; investigating corruption in boxing; and generally misunderstanding the brief.
Special Features
Special Features; Pilot Episode (Tx'd 29/12/97) 'Where Are They Now' featurette 'The Beginning' (Scenes from original pilot with talking heads) Audio commentary on 'That's Entertainment' episode by David Gillespie and Ray Burdis Songs from the Operation Good Guys CD


Brilliant show. Sold mine for ridiculous amount a few years ago, reinvested. Cheers!

if you haven't seen it - get it, brilliant

superb ! anyone seen Love, Honour and Obey, written & starring the same guys, well worth a watch as well.

agree its great, as is LH,O

oh yay! loved this show, just watched a couple of clips on youtube and remembered how funny this was. defo treating myself to this, thanks op.

iv already got this before the office this was it


cheaper here

also a few pence cheaper at several other retailers
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hilarious show

This is brilliant and LH&O is a must


cheaper … cheaper herehttp://www.base.com/buy/product/operation-good-guys-complete-series-1-to-3/dgc-bbcdvd1457.htm?awc=2694_1287950701_8188e18f7abd9ed385b3eea4d0a1fe8calso a few pence cheaper at several other retailers

Yup, hot TV series but cold deal.

Had this show for a good few years now and still love watching it...Also check out the film Love, Honour and Obey which is by the same lads from OGG that stars a lot of the actors that was in the show.

Top comedy!

I had series 1 on video which got consigned to the loft a long time ago. Forgot all about it. Very funny. This will be on my Christmas list.

Superb show.

Cheers OP just ordered a copy at this price be rude not to.

you must watch this show has tinges of the office all over it (was shot before the office) great overlooked series you wont regret buying this if you love comedy

Dropped to £7.99 now, ordered!!

A miserly 4p cheaper at base.com

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Dropped to £7.99 now, ordered!!

Thanks altered op.
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