Operation Valkyrie: Stauffenbergs Plot To Kill Hitler: 2DVD £2.99 + Free Delivery @ HMV

Operation Valkyrie: Stauffenbergs Plot To Kill Hitler: 2DVD £2.99 + Free Delivery @ HMV

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OPERATION VALKYRIE tells the amazing true story of German resistance fighter Claus von Stauffenberg and his plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler. Using eyewitness accounts, remarkable archival footage, and very detailed dramatizations, this powerful documentary transports viewers back to the tumultuous depths of World War II, and chronicles one man's courageous attempt to change the course of history.
Special Features:
The Eva Braun Films (Newly Re-Mastered Colour Home Movies shot by Hitler's Mistress)
Lautlingen: An Exclusive Visit of the Stauffenberg Estate
Killing Hitler: Assassination Attempt on the F?r's Life
Staffenberg's Legacy
What If Valkyrie had succeeded? A Scholar's debate
Interview with Philipp Baron von Boeselager, the last surviving member of the Stauffenberg Conspiracy
The People's Court Trials for the July 20 conspirators

**Note - this is not the new Tom Cruise film, this is a documentary**


I remember resserving this on LoveFilm... Well and truly cancelled my account with those berks and forgot all about the film.

Worth £3 I'd say!

free on discovery/military channel


free on discovery/military channel

When? I have those channels??

This isn't the movie. This is a war documentary. Don't order by mistake if you think this is the new movie.

I added direct link can OP edit it instead of hmv homepage

"Valkyrie is about to die"
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