Operation Warcade (PSVR/PS4) for £8 delivered @ AO

Operation Warcade (PSVR/PS4) for £8 delivered @ AO

£8£9.8519%ao.com Deals
Posted 6th Nov

  • Retro-inspired VR arcade shooter
  • For ages 16+ so it's not suitable for children
  • Single player gameplay only
  • Published by Perpetual
  • Released on 1st June 2018

Product Overview
Relive the glory days of the arcade shooter in Operation Warcade VR for PlayStation 4. Go old school and play in a virtual arcade, or use the innovative immersion points to travel inside the game itself and dominate the battlefield. Waves of enemies run towards you as the camera pans across the landscape, while you make use of a variety of weapons to fend them off. There’s powerups available to give you some added firepower too, letting you lay waste to everyone in your way.

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Another birthday gift sorted - thanks
That looks shocking. Shocking has in terrible.
Anyone remember Operation Wolf at the arcades
simplesays06/11/2019 14:10

That looks shocking. Shocking has in terrible.

i have it, i wish i didn't,

one of those early psvr games that just don't stack up any more, time carnage is also rubbish, much better wave shooters on psvr
Got sucked in with the trailer for this first time I saw it, like the majority of these style of games though....instantly forgettable. Just no polish to it at all.
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