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Oppo A54 5G Android 11 4GB RAM 64GM Memory £119 +£10 top-up, instock, unlocked from Vodafone

£129£15919% off
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About this deal

Check which network 5g coverage you are in ! signalchecker.co.uk/map…/5g

Full specs gsmarena.com/opp…php
Compared to the next currently available 5G phone Motorola G52 gsmarena.com/com…602

My Opinion: For(+): 5G, great screen, decent cameras, decent CPU and GPU ; against(-): slow charging 10w, only 4GB RAM (but it's above price bracket point)
Full (proper) review techradar.com/rev…-5g

Info added by @PD2K79


Qualcomm 5G SoC

A Qualcomm 5G SoC gives OPPO A74 5G the ability to empower your every day. And with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of ROM, OPPO A74 5G moves faster and stores more.

maximum upload speed: 245 Mbps

maximum download speed :2.1 Gbps

90Hz Refresh Rate

With a 90Hz refresh rate and 180Hz touch sampling rate, graphics flow smoothly and responses happen instantly.

5000mAh Mega Battery

A 5000mAh battery keeps your phone going longer without constant recharging, powering 13 hours of video viewing, 27 hours of call time, and 40 hours standby.

48MP AI Quad Camera

The Right Kind of Camera for Any Shot

ColorOS 11.1

  • App Lock: Lock specified apps in an instant to maintain privacy when someone borrows your phone.
  • Private Safe: If anything happens along the way, you’ll always be able to retrieve your private files from the cloud.
  • FlexDrop: Game & chat, read & discuss, or otherwise multitask your heart out with mini windows that share screen space

18W Fast Charge

A large battery capacity deserves super quick charging that never slows you down.


  • A Qualcomm 5G SoC gives A54 the ability to empower your every day. And with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of ROM (Extendable), A54 moves faster and stores more.
  • A 5000mAh battery keeps your phone going longer without constant recharging, powering 52 hours of call time, and 600 hours standby.
  • With a 90Hz refresh rate and 180Hz touch sampling rate, graphics flow smoothly and responses happen instantly.
  • 48MP + 8MP + 2MP + 2MP Quad AI Cameras having the right kind of camera for any shot.
  • Covering 100% of the DCI-P3 gamut, bringing you a rich and accurate color experience that looks as vivid as what you see in real life.
  • Included Components: Charger
  • Connector Type: USB Type C


Brand - OPPO
Model name - A54 5G
Wireless carrier - Unlocked for All Carriers
Operating system - Android 11
Cellular technology - 5G
Memory storage capacity - 64 GB
Connectivity technology - Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB, NFC

YouTube - Review

Help & Information

Vodafone More details at Vodafone
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    "You want a cheap 5G phone" this is it with a dedicated memory expansion slot and NFC🔥 (edited)
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    Just a FYI for anyone interested. All phones must be sold unlocked. Ofcom rules.
    Just remember this does not apply to modems & routers.
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    Android 11 a bit ancient Android 14 soon
    Android 13 has only just started for majorty off non pixel handsets , Android 14 won't be out till Q3 2023
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    I got this for the same price from Argos a few weeks ago. Great phone for the money. Does everything I need very easily.
    Isnt that the A54s from Argos though?
    The normal A54 is more expensive on the argos site.
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    I think the moto one will be a better buy (480+ plus CPU and 120 hz with newer android) again with SD card expansion, but good find at this price

    OPPO A54 5G for me. (edited)
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    Please modify the title, this phone is LOCKED
    Is that the chat bot your talking to, because that might be why your getting them answers, they need that reprogrammed, all phones are now unlocked, i bought my samsung s21 out of vodaphone, walked out the shop and put my virgin sim in it without issue.
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    Is this a step up from the Samsung A53..........
    Never had an Oppo but need something economical for my dad, looks good.
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    LOL sods law, just got confirmation my G62 is being delivered tomorrow.
    We think the A54 is better then the G62? ... As might just take the G62 back to a shop unopened for a refund.
    Compromises with both (all budget)models, nothing critical or it might be ever so for some. IMO (my "priorities"): 5G (both)> Battery life (A54 only takes 10w charge here) > decent screen (even G62 is 120hz, but not bright enough) > occasional camera (most often in the darker environment), experts didn't slagged off A54 5G as much as G62. (edited)
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    A54 vs A57 What's the better phone?
    A54 5G Vs A57 5G I think is the CPU, GPU, screen (for the former) , storage and RAM, OS... Basically only the name is the same, the lot !