Posted 16 February 2023

OPPO Find N2 Flip 256GB + claim enco x2 earbuds, £110 upfront, £36pm for 24mths, 250GB data, on Vodafone - Total £974 @ Mobiles.co.uk

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About this deal

So saw this deal thought brilliant not bad price for a newly announced flip phone.

£110 upfront £36pm for 24mths before annual price rise,
Total £974.

£974 total - £849 (handset) = £125

So £125 divided by 24mths = £5.20pm for your minutes texts and data but if TCB pays out @ £35 that means roughly 6 months of free airtime.

Plus claim free oppo enco x2 earbuds
Mobiles.co.uk More details at Mobiles.co.uk
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  1. jamesrugman's avatar
    Hate it when people vote cold but don’t say why.
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    May be
    Vodafone line rental goes up by 15% in April., i.e is about £5.5 more a month and potentially another increase next year April.
  2. MoneySavingPunjabi's avatar
    Wow voting cold?
  3. jnm21's avatar
    People don't have much to say about this phone - that is a HUKD first!
  4. uchihasilver's avatar
    This doesn’t affect international models apparently so you’re fine and it’s not exactly shocking China collects so much data on their citizens let’s be honest
  5. eelvis's avatar
    This is the future, if this was Apple they couldn't make them fast enough to sell.
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