Posted 14 February 2023

OPPO Find X5 lite with £10 upfront £219.16 + £100 Trade In O2 Refresh 8/256GB @ O2

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About this deal

Please note there is a pssibillity that you could get charged the 1st month airtime,which is £18.

Usual O2 refresh rules apply.Pay off device,then cancel the Airtime plan.

Get £100 off when you trade in any device. Ends 5th of April.

Also deduct the value of your trade in as well,which means you could get this device for well under £100, depending on the device you trade in.

I'm sure i read that you cannot trade in a phone of more value than this phone,but i cant seem to find the info.

Device plan: 36 months @ £5.81 = £209.16
Plus £10 Upfront = £219.16
Minus £100 trade in = £119.16
Then minus the value of your trade in.


O2 More details at O2
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  1. innocent's avatar
    I can't get my head round refresh but brilliant price for decent handset for those who can🔥♨️🔥
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    Click on get deal.

    Choose the 2GB plan
    Build your plan.

    Choose 3 months of Disney + Or choose later,it's up to you.


    Add if you want a spend cap or not.


    Choose if you want Insurance or not.


    Choose if you want accessories.


    Add the device you want to trade in.

    (You can choose if you want the trade in value to come off your device plan,or cash into your bank account.)

    Then go through the rest of the process.

    Please note there will be a soft credit check.

    Then if you pass the credit check,and you receive the phone,call O2 up and tell them you want to pay for the device outright and cancel the airtime plan.

    There is a chance that you could get stung for the 1st month of the airtime plan,which is £18,so take that into consideration.

  2. Darthballs's avatar
    Trade in your device

    Lower your monthly bill by trading in your old device

    Find out how much you could save

    To get your savings you’ll need to buy a new plan first.
    Then, after you’ve traded in your old device, we’ll add the saving to your monthly bill.
  3. Crossbow's avatar
    Edit: sorry my bad! One gets the £100 minused at checkout, the added value of your trade-in gets credited to your airtime plan!

    My earlier comment was not right...
    So the credit gets added to your bill, rather than getting £100 off this phone (or a separate payment to your bank)?
    Unlike the Pixel 7 Pro Amazon offer for example hotukdeals.com/dea…703
    In other words, one needs to keep the contract going to reap the £100 benefit. But their contracts are expensive, so not worth much in the long run. (edited)
    brigtondoc's avatar
    The credit gets deducted from the price of the phone,so you only pay £119 + what ever they value your phone at....Say £50, then you only pay £69,then just cancel the Airtime plan.

  4. Veedub68's avatar
    I've never used one of these deals before. Does this mean that you're stuck with them for 36 months for the airtime contract, even if you pay for the phone via trade-in and £100 payment?
    Wayne_Hardy's avatar
    No you can cancel the airtime at any time, just so long as you've paid off the handset first.
  5. TheCostOfLies's avatar
    Not bad, but a long way away from the peak deals of 02 refresh of old
    Crossbow's avatar
    Yeah, these aren't bad - around 40% lower.
    I reckon they cottoned-on after the way we all (I'm guilty on 2 occasions!) exploited the Refresh loophole for a number of years to get flagships at 60% & lower!
  6. Wayne_Hardy's avatar
    Not bad, if you have a trade-in on their approved list then, a decent 5G phone for £120.
    brigtondoc's avatar
    Less than that bud if your trade in is worth anything.

    I tried the deal with an old Sony Z5 compact with a cracked screen,they valued the phone at £0.

  7. PhilK's avatar
    Don't think I'd ever buy a phone with "lite" on the title
  8. BMF073's avatar
    I have been using this phone for a few weeks now and all I can say is it's a brilliant phone for its price tag. Heat from me..really gutted its now available at this price😣
  9. BeckFjord's avatar
    Damn, got my Pixel 6a on Sunday. Not sure if it's worth the hassle to swap
  10. pablo_el_diablo's avatar
    These phones were under £200 brand new not long ago..
    brigtondoc's avatar
    Well it's under £100 brand new if you can get at least £20 for your trade in.

  11. hashman's avatar
    so i have a xiaomi mi8 that is broken (doesnt turn on)

    the recycle is suggesting i can get £2 for it... which means its >£0 so the £100 bonus kicks in, right?
    brigtondoc's avatar
    It should do if they are accepting your phone.

  12. hashman's avatar
    okay been researching - anyone wanting to consider android 12 or above with a custom rom, unless i am mistaken - will be disappointed, as could not find much support for this phone with custom roms
    TR77's avatar
    Oppo doesn't allow to unlock bootloader in their phones therefore no custom ROMs.
  13. JoZhong's avatar
    Is the trade in only with o2, or it could be with Currys as well?
    brigtondoc's avatar
    Only on O2.

  14. Yorkshirelad's avatar
    Been waiting on this coming back in stock and the black one is available again. Offer lasts until April 5th but be quick before they all go again.
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