Optimum Nutrition 908g £18.99  (Prime) / £23.74 (non Prime) Amazon

Optimum Nutrition 908g £18.99 (Prime) / £23.74 (non Prime) Amazon

Found 24th Nov 2017
Price has now dropped down to £18.99 - this was at £24.99 the other day.

Prime members can also save an extra 20% off this product when they subscribe for the first time with code 20SNSPRIME
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This is the standard price on amazon - been watching for a while to see if it changes but never has - still not a bad deal - just wanted to add so people did rush to buy.
You might want to add to the title that it is protein as it only says optimum nutrition which is just a brand
As a precaution, some of this protein sold on amazon is fake, I found out the hard way earlier this year, once it arrives be sure to check the optimum nutrition website and follow the steps of legitimacy!
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