Optimum Portable Charger 8000mAh £12.99 @ B&M

Optimum Portable Charger 8000mAh £12.99 @ B&M



Two Optimum 4000mAh at B&M are £11.98.

Thanks for sharing. £9-10 is about the going rate on Amazon for Powerbanks in the ~7500mah range, with 10000mah-12000mah at around £12.

So for the convenience of a shop pick up the price is around £4 more than the going rate, plus it's (to my mind) a totally unknown brand, as opposed to unfamiliar-but-well-rated ones online.

So it's not a hot deal, it's a convenient-and-a-bit-expensive deal!
its dud bought smaller version start of year n didn't last more than two charges won't even charge now.
not voting either way but just trying to warn to stick with a reviewed decent product
My local Aldi was selling 7,800mah power banks for £9.99 last week. Didn't post, as it still isn't a great deal.
The reason these are cheap is because they are made from very poor quality battery cells and they are unlikely to have a good quality on-board chip to prevent important things like over-charging from happening.

I suspect this will be a 1amp output which will lead to incredibly slow charging.

If you care, this is a good video which talks you through the pitfalls of crummy powerbanks.

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I've got the 4000mAh version from B&M. Had it for over a month. Have no issues with it, use it frequently when Pokemon Going about.
bought the intempo branded unit that looks very similar from B&M for £10 last week (also 8000mah). The unit said 2.1a but the manual inside had it as 1a. Measured using the Ampere app and it came out consistently just below 1a so I took it straight back.
Got one charged my phone from 50% to 95% in just over 30 mins while playing pokemon go and that game drains battery realy fast so its not bad if you ask me and that was out of pack without any charging
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