Options hot chocolate jar (220g) (belgium, white indulgence) £1.74 @ Tesco

Options hot chocolate jar (220g) (belgium, white indulgence) £1.74 @ Tesco

Found 3rd Oct 2014
Options hot chocolate, loads of flavours.

Normally £3.84 or something silly, but can usually be had for £2 or 2-for-£4 or something - never seen below £2 in a major store.

So, a great price IMO!
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£1 in Home Bargains

£1 in Home Bargains

Last but one time I was in there, I only saw random flavours like Turkish delight, not the normal Belgium - still I bought the white stuff!
Last time I went in (and was going to take a photo and post here) - they had no more So assume it was a brief spell - and for sure none when I went in last time.
Worth checking though, esp if you like different flavours
In "pound stretcher" - saw some of the flavours (not the Belgium hot hoc which is the main reason for this post) - for £1.49
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