Optoma 4K UHD projector - save £475! - Yet another projector at Amazon for £1525

Optoma 4K UHD projector - save £475! - Yet another projector at Amazon for £1525

Found 23rd Nov 2017
Yes Amazon seems to be reducing the prices of all the projectors , and yes the other day it was the other budget 4K (Acer M550 - still available for £1549). Now they have dropped the price on its main competition.

This one has been out longer and there are far more reviews if you'e interested in this kind of stuff.

Despite Amazon flooding the projector market this is a great price for this latest 4K model .
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Not native 4K, but good price
The bulbs must be pricey
tempt12 m ago

Not native 4K, but good price

Where does it say that it's not native 4k, its native resolution is 3840 x 2160... :s
When it goes under 1k then I'm biting
wonder how this compares to the acer 4k model that amazon are selling at roughly the same price
Ooooh like it
I need to replace the bulb in my HD25e, its only 4500 hours! REALLY hoping these drop a bit more, £1k and I am in!
Would rather have the UHD60 though. Price is pretty good though considering 4k and HDR
^^That is very good time for your bulb, i have a viewsonic 1080p 3d DLP and i am up to just 600 plus after 3 years, and i thought i would run through the bulb time in a year. lol

But these 4k ones will have to come down to say £600 mark before i grab one as 1080p on a 110in screen is doing it's job just fine.
Just bought this one good price at £1900 £600 off very.co.uk/opt…prd
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