Oral-B electric toothbrushes half price!! £14.99!
Just went to my local tesco - Oral B vitality toothbrushes half price

three variants are in the sale

precision clean, dual clean and white and clean

doesnt seem to show the half price on the website though


good toothbrushes, I've been using mine for a year or so and the battery is still good.

They've been at this promo price for a while now, just about everywhere... :?

(Heat added btw because it is a good price and very good products, especially the ones with Ni-MH batteries for the same price - worth checking for)

OK maybe this will heat it up a bit.

Just been to my local Tesco (Bolton Middlebrook) and bought one of the Precision Clean models (showing on the SEL as Half Price £14.99), but when it went through the till it was half price again, so only paid £7.49 :thumbsup:

Have some heat from me, went back and bought some more as spares, Oh and they are NiCad

you would be a fool to buy one of these at full price, they are always half price, mine was half price 10 months ago!

yeh been on for a while i was going to get a whizz bang top of the range one for £50 after half price.


any direct link? or item code?

arent they always on offer somewhere?

i saw the same offer at boots.

(philips soniccare (bit more expensive) are considered the best apparantly)

Just bought one at Tesco Extra - Hampton Peterborough and it went through at £7.49

I've had one of these (don't ask me which one exactly, but it was about £25 at the time), for about three years. I also managed to get the toothbrush heads for 30p each when tesco were doing a clearout. i reckon i have about ten years worth of supplies now.

Anyway, they're brilliant and make a real difference to your teeth. I wouldn't go for the top of the range personally as there isn't enough, if any, difference and be aware that they eventually do burn out or the internal rechargeable battery fails. The one I currently have is beginning to lose its charge quickly and the motor is starting to go a bit soft. nevertheless, three years is pretty good for sparkly teeth.

Oh, and I had one before the current one and it lasted me four years.

Heat added!


Bought one of these a couple of years ago, again 'half price', brush was a load of rubbish. voted cold

These are reduced to 50% most of the time (at least somewhere), so its not really a deal.

I got an £80 one reduced to £21 quid, so unless you are getting them for a greater discount than 50% then its not really hot, just an advertising stunt.
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