Oral B Professional Care 8500 Deluxe Now 75% off! £23.75

Oral B Professional Care 8500 Deluxe Now 75% off! £23.75

Found 4th Jan 2008Made hot 4th Jan 2008
Saw another post stating 50% off...thought I'd check it out and found it further reduced online!


Deal link isn't a good one as it's customised to your ID however type 8500 into the search box top right and it will come up.


Deal is hot though!

A great deal, but £5 for delivery... how tight am I?!


A great deal, but £5 for delivery... how tight am I?!


Great deal.

min. order is £25 so I just added some toothpaste to the order

Superb deal. Thanks!

Always been told how great electric toothbrushes were so Im taking the plunge! Also bought 3 bottles of coke at 58p each so will need the toothbrush after that!

Great deal:thumbsup:

Cracking deal just bought 2 thanks mate


Great deal but doesn't deliver to Northern Ireland! :x Mainland UK Only

Brill deal BUT they don't deliver to my area :x

thanks, rated hot!

sorry to seem thick but when does discount come off :thinking:


added to my basket and it shows £95 at checkout page....

same prob as me

Book a delivery slot and it works. Thanks OP.

The price shows up as stated when you reserve a delivery slot/time at the checkout

Thanks OP, ordered. Had to bundle in some showergel to make minimum order! That's just how hot this deal is!

Anyone know how much the replacement heads are?

what's so great about electronic toothbrush?:w00t:


Anyone know how much the replacement heads are?

I got 4 at the same time as getting the toothbrush as £9.99 is fairly good price for 4 anyway :thumbsup:

Very good deal.

Cheers OP - picked one of these up too :-)

Thanks for this, I have ordered one - looks great. Does anyone know if these just as good or better than the sonic-type toothbrushes?

thanks op
my problem is it wont accept solo cards
i will phone help desk in the morning

Does any one know how the delivery system work? There is not any 8500 range at my local.

Will the product come from else where? or if my local does not have my order will be cancel later?


Anyone know how much the replacement heads are?

Try eBay for brush heads - you can save a fortune. Far cheaper than Costco.

Thank you so much for the heads up, i was actually about to pay £50 from boots! Voted hot and rep added!

The delivery slot is tricky, had to do it several times :oops:

did'nt get free delivery even tho my total was £26.24... but never mind

there is no free delivery.
you have to spend £25 min to qualify for delivery

There is no free delivery its just £25 min spend!!

Items in your trolley


Delivery cost


Voucher savings

- £0.00

Total savings

- £71.97

Total Cost


Mines not taking the delivery price off either.

Ok i understand ! You get it delivered if you spend over £25 .


Items in your trolley£26.25Delivery cost£5Voucher savings- £0.00Total sa … Items in your trolley£26.25Delivery cost£5Voucher savings- £0.00Total savings- £71.97Total Cost£31.25Mines not taking the delivery price off either.

There is no free delivery, it is £5



nice :thumbsup::):thumbsup::-D

I Got Some Good Deal On Nuts Today From Sainsbury's Today, The Price On Display Was Original Though, They Came Discounted On Tills
Does Anyone Know That This Toothbrush Is At The Same Price Instore And Hopefully Wrong Priced As Well So Will Have Stock In Morning.:-d

lol, rang my local sainsburys, nice chappie gone to get me one off shelf and put it by for me to collect at the online price, any links to cheap replacement heads please let me know.

woo hoo wanted a posh brush for a long time.
voted sizzling hot

Thanks the misses has ordered one along with the weekly shop...Many thanks

Free delivery for me. Just picked one up in my local store for the same price as the online shop. Just tried it out too and I got to say my teeth feel great :-D

Good find!

update i now have two put by at local store one for sisters birthday lol!
heads are 1/3 off ATM
packs of two of each type @ £6.65 each.
will check out choccy isle first and make up for it later with my new toothbrush.:w00t:

Great deal. Just ordered one................Cheers...............Martin

Fantastic price - Also select a delivery slot on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday and its only £2.50

I've been using one of those Oral B toothbrushes for 2 years now, and I have to say they are fantastic. Even my dentist told me I was doing a much better job at it (even less work for him! happy man)
And the case is extremely convenient, so much that it shouldn't ship without: anyone that travelled with an electric toothbruth in their lugage to find out it has been running all the way (with the battery gone dead and the head looking like a sunflower or an obscure modern art masterpiece) will know what I'm talking about.

My only trouble is now I can't live without... I really hate it when for some reason I have to fall back to the good old traditional manual toothbrush...

The only thing I would change if I could is deactivate the 2-minute timer (briefly stops every 30 seconds to tell you to change side) which is actually more of a pain than a truly useful feature. But apart from that, you're going to love it, and your dentist too, so take the plunge! This opportunity is probably as good as it gets with the Deluxe bundle, that's a tremendous find!

Voted hot of course, and added some rep for contributing greatly to the nation's health! You should receive a medal! :-D:-D:-D
I've just ordered 2, one to replace my old one (can't miss out at that price!) and one for my friend, cheers!


Anyone know how much the replacement heads are?

You get different types of heads for it, Boots instore had the precision clean heads on special the other day at £12.49 for 8

guys is this a rechargeable one or battery?
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