Oral-B Pulsar 35 Vibrating Toothbrush - £2 - Asda Grocery online and instore

Oral-B Pulsar 35 Vibrating Toothbrush - £2 - Asda Grocery online and instore

Found 2nd Dec 2013
The battery in these can be replaced with a bit of messing around, making the toothbrush last a bit longer than just 1 battery life.
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Any chance of the online link?
I found the ASDA version at the same price


But no sign of the Oral B one?

The ASDA one I don't think you can replace the battery without wrecking the toothbrush. With the Oral B you aren't meant to but it's not too difficult with a bit of ingenuity.
anyone found a link for this xxxx
Only available in 'medium' in my
store at this price.
These are essentially a manual toothbrush containing a small vibrating motor — like the vibe motor in a phone, only longer (vibe motors spin an eccentric weight to 'jiggle' the whole motor and anything it is mounted to) — connected to the AAA cell in the handle. The vibe motor simply makes the entire toothbrush shake a bit. It’s not physically connected to the brush head directly. As an addition to your normal manual energy and motion in brushing your teeth it might be a viable addition to cleaning, but it is essentially a manual toothbrush that buzzes a bit while you’re using it.

I’ve often thought that currently over the past few decades, the market has proved that we know almost nothing about toothbrushing. That there is so much crazy diversity in toothbrush designs and attempts at solutions tells me that no-one has it right — they can’t all be right (like religions, I suppose) — so the toothbrush manufacturers are essentially trying anything every so often and seeing which designs and ideas are popular, which ones 'stick'. This has nothing to do with being effective. It simply means that the population prefers a certain idea or design, possibly because it looks plausible, possibly because it might actually be more effective, possibly because it is more effectively promoted and advertised. In many cases, possibly even because the 'scientific' third parties that are paid to lend credibility are more believable and possibly as a result more expensive, which makes the product reassuringly expensive and therefore 'it must work'. Who really knows?
Doubles up as a sex toy
The battery lasts about as long as it should before you should be changing your toothbrush..."how to change the battery" tips are both helpful and non helpful at the same time
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