Oral-B Replacement Brush Heads CrossAction 4pk £9.30 @ Wilko

Oral-B Replacement Brush Heads CrossAction 4pk £9.30 @ Wilko

Found 14th Feb
I've been today in a Wilko shop in Sovereign Centre Bournemouth and saw the Cross Action heads reduced at £9.30 for 4 pk,and notice that is on line too, with free C&C. I also saw a few precision heads at £5.60 for 4pk, but online shows out of stock.


Ordered, Thanks!

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Some people are so "funny" . How come you vote cold on the lowest price of this item, national, in store and online and hundred+ hot for a one isolated Tesco sale in store, long time out of stock.
I am asking you "haters" : Should I still share next time a deal with you?

Share stuff to be helpful and forget about doing it for recognition or a red burny object, it matters not... Hot from me.

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Thanks, I'll do it for the rest of us. I don't care about recognition,it was about common sense. If I see a deal I don't like, but is real, I just ignore it, maybe somebody else finds it useful.

These were on the shelf at Stratford branch at £13.95 but went through the till at £9.30... Would not have known about them if it were not for this post, so thanks OP.
I cannot find cross action originals as cheap as these anywhere else so should be Hot.
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