Orange broadband £12.99 unlimited with livebox

Orange broadband £12.99 unlimited with livebox

Found 30th Mar 2007
I think this might be a current customer offer, but i rang up orange for my MAC code today to change my broadband to somewhere cheaper as i pay £19.99 a month just now
That gets upto 8meg speed and free wireless box.
I was to the point and told them i was seeking a better deal and was offered my same package for £12.99.

bargain if you are looking to change, and dont have or want an orange contract mobile to get their 'free' broadband offer.

Orange/Wanadoo customer care - 0870 0102 462


orange = crap

had very very mad exp with alot of my mates on there internet


orange = craphad very very mad exp with alot of my mates on there internet

agreed, orange = wanadoo = freeserve == garbage

1st thing to do with the LiveBox if you get it, is put it in the bin, it is a real sack of ....

Had very bad experiences with customers of orange.

Never had a problem with Orange (freeserve / wannado) UNTIL they upgraded the line to 2 meg. As soon as that happened, internet went off every couple of minutes or sometimes even seconds which was totally frustrating. After calls to their broadband help (expensive), gave up and left them and have now got BT Broadband (no problems so far and I thought if did have an issue then since it was their line anyway, it would be easier to resolve). There are plenty of forums on the net who have shared their 'negative' Orange experience.

i phoned them and got this deal a few weeks ago , but they do not give this to everyone so dont phone up and say my friend gets it for 12.99 a month. say you want you mac code and sometimes you get the deal . i had m8's who did ask for a mac code and were offered no £12.99 a month.

Wasn't Orange voted the worst broadband provider by the BBC's Watchdog programme?

Orange are regarded as officially the worst online provider in the UK, with a record number 68% of their customers unhappy with the service and some of my friends have also told me about some of there nightmares how they won't allow you to leave despite your contract being up and they're extremely unhappy about not having service for a month etc.

According to the representative that went on Watchdog, they are looking to improve in the near future but the results are disastrous and i advise everyone to wait until there reputation improves before they cross over.

I got the same deal yesterday for £9.99 a month (for 6 month contract) also free eve and weekend calls form box (if it works!)

To add balance although I don't disagree people have had bad experiences personally they have been excellent:

Took out a 12 month cashback contract and they gave me free broadband for 12 months when I rung them up.

Connected within 7 or 8 days.

No downtime since being a member - 5 1/2 months

No problems with Livebox

Recently been upgraded to 8mb

my monthly cost £[COLOR="Black"][SIZE="5"]0[/SIZE][/COLOR]

So they get a :thumbsup: from me!!


I have been with Orange for around 8 months and had no issues with the service. 8Meg works fine. Customer Service always been helpful.

Had it up and running inside 10 days of taking out mobile contract!

I'm not a happy bunny when you come to mention Orange broadband.

In my experience Orange were fine up until they decieded to "upgrade" my line from a possible 7Mb to 8MB - this caused everything to go t1ts up.

Suffice to say that for the first two weeks after upgrade my line was doing 200K download tops and was very unstable. It then setteld to 2.5Mb (down from 5Mb that I was getting before) for 1 day before I lost the service altogether.

Is spent the next 2 days trying to convince their useless tech support that there was something wrong with the line - finally after eliminating everything else they came to the same conclusion! It then took another 48 hours to get the line fixed. My line speed is now at 1.5Mb and is still unstable during peak hours.

So in the space of 3 weeks Orange have given me limited service, not offered me a service for nearly a week and did a phased downgrade of my speed from 5Mb>2.5Mb>1.5Mb.

Not impressed - I've written to complain and await their reply!

*Edit* I forgot to mention - I used to be with Zen ADSL :- downtime in 2 years - 3 hours (due to maintenance). 5 months with Orange:- 5 days & many dropped connections.

My sister and her hubby have had major problems with Orange Broadband (formerly a Wannadoo customer), lost service for over a month 4 months ago and still have not had the tag taken off their line after 3 months of trying. They gave the MAC to them after about a month of calling them and demanding it, but then kept saying the line was free for them to get another ISP. Both companies who have tried to change them over have confirmed the tag is still there and only Orange can remove it, Orange say it's not tagged at all.

Had very few issues with Orange as a mobile customer, but wouldn't touch their broadband with a barge-pole from stories I've been told.

I'v had orange broadband for 6 months now and from personal exprience agree 100% that its the 'worst online provider in the UK'

Internet connection always very unstable. I'll be lucky if I can have an internet connection for longer than 20 minutes without it cutting off. Very frustrating to see the dreaded '@' signal flashing (meaning no connection) especially when you are in the middle of things, eg sending mail or uploading an item description/html to your auction listing.

I'm on 8Meg! but only managing to do=
download-521Kb/sec & upload-204Kb/sec
(tested on [url][/url])

rang them so many times, followed the normal procedures: reset livebox/linetest/ reported to the tech support team/downgraded to 2Meg, blaady blaady blaa, but nothing, their absolutel useless.

The only good side to all this is that, because i have an Orange 18 month mobile phone contract (which after cashback-£10/month) they gave me this Broadband Free. That would not surprise me one bit, I would never pay for this service if I thought it would be like this.

Take my advice and Do Not sign for this service, I promise the Majority of people will be very unhappy, you will most certainly regret it.

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well the horror stories i hear tend be from friends with aol, and i know someone who works for tiscali and they are even worse! i have been with wanadoo/orange for over a year and never, not once, had any sort of problem. i will quite happily stay with them for another year even though, when i got my discount, i didnt have to take another contract ! its 12.99 until i decide to leave. My livebox works a treat, and the speed is fine for me.
If i'm one of a minority, so be it. i'm still a happy customer with orange

ohh god i use to have wanadoo it took 2 months of calling them to remove the broadband service from my line but didnt happen when the company changed to orange it took another 4 months then got the broadband services off my line. one month my call bills came to £40 just to wanadoo this was when i didnt no about MY ADVICE STAY AWAY FROM THE COMPANY IF DONT WANT GRIEF, STRESS AND REALLY POOR SERVICE.

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you know, a quick call to bt can remove a broadband ip from your line. just claim its nothing to do with you.


you know, a quick call to bt can remove a broadband ip from your line. … you know, a quick call to bt can remove a broadband ip from your line. just claim its nothing to do with you.

can someone please explain?
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