Orange Dolphin reduced for council workers/NHS family and friends
Orange Dolphin reduced for council workers/NHS family and friends

Orange Dolphin reduced for council workers/NHS family and friends

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Hi, this is my first post. I've been looking for a new mobile contract and thought this was quite good. I like the dolphin £35 deal, which includes a choice of new phones, 600 anytime x-net minutes and unlimited texts. They told me that when I take the deal on, bring in a friend or family member who works for either the council or NHS and they will take 10% off the monthly tariff. I particularly liked the Samsung G600, and if I choose that one, they will take a further £150 off my yearly contract if I exchange it for an any old phone.
This brings the monthly cost to £23.16. Quite good, I thought, seeings you'd pay £20 for a sim only for that many minutes/texts.


Welcome! Sounds like a good deal to me.

good deal but the g600 is really old now. You can get it quite cheap brand new. If i were you and opening a new contract then I would go for the most expensive phone there is which you can easily get since it is a new contract, and I would then sell it on ebay for a lot more money. That way you will get 300-400 cash for the new phone and you can then buy the g600 for about 100 new from a shop leaving you with a big chunk of money making your contract even cheaper!

Do they give NHS workers discount as standard then? Will have to give them a ring as im currently on a contract with Orange.

If you want the G600 on Orange, why not get this


£30 a month and free wii and wii fit to keep or sell on yourself :santa:

I was with Orange for 10 years and after Hutchison sold them to France Telecom the service started slipping, prices went up, service went down, it got to the point that when I left they never tried to keep me or even said goodbye (apparently new customers are the priority).

never said goodbye ahhh

Got this deal for £22 a month with a shiny new C902 just by telling them I wasn't paying for the phone and wanted the £20 a month online tarriff, they said the phone was only free on this tarriff and above but would see what they could do with the price, guy put me on hold and came back with £22, bargain!!!!

Its called Orange perk its not just got Council or NHS workers...its alot of compaines....go into Orange retial and ask for Orange perk....give the company you work for.....if they say its on the list....take a pay slip and enjoy the discount


never said goodbye ahhh

Half term's started early then.
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