Orange | Free HTC Desire | 300 mins Any Network Anytime + Unlimited Texts + Push Email + 500MB Data | Free 4GB Memory Card £25/month + redemption @

Orange | Free HTC Desire | 300 mins Any Network Anytime + Unlimited Texts + Push Email + 500MB Data | Free 4GB Memory Card £25/month + redemption @

Found 18th Jul 2010
Orange | Free HTC Desire | 300 mins Any Network Anytime + Unlimited Texts + Push Email + 500MB Data | Free 4GB Memory Card | £13.54 P/M by redemption

9 Months free with and £50 cashback via Quidco or Topcashback


Thought this was an amazing deal. Other people have posted it, but not including the cashback and redemption.




Because cashback isnt guaranteed

hasn't quidco gone **** up !!

Very good deal if you get the Quidco and don't mess up the redemption.
Hot from me.

Yeah, HOT from me too, even without the Quidco it's probably the best deal I've seen on the Desire.

Cold voters - Please show a better deal !!


hasn't quidco gone **** up !!

Where did you hear this?
Could use TopCashBack

Out of stock at the moment. Looks a good deal though if you get redemption/quidco sorted.


hasn't quidco gone **** up !!

Original Poster do the cashback deal aswell, so I've edited the post to reflect this

great deal voted hot... only whinge is that its 24 months!

9 months free = £225 or £10 auto cashback, i wonder how many people opt for the £10

out of stock now!


How much later? Some of us have been waiting over a month for Beepy to get stock. Will these be any quicker?

my god, 1month!

phone should be stock & unlocked with too. Not done a redemption deal before due to the various stories about non-payment and needing to send bills by special delivery within 5 seconds of receipt etc, but getting tempted at this stage.

if only it were on t-mobile, the web limit is the only thing that puts me off at that price (or any price)


hasn't quidco gone **** up !!

Just to confirm, AFAIK, they have NOT gone t1ts up....

I understand one of the merchants that they (and probably many other cashback sites) use has gone **** up... they obviously won't get some outstanding cashback from that merchant now but there are loads more merchants though so not a major worry.

This is from Quidco................

As you know we do our best to help you earn as much cashback as you can. The cashback you make is passed to us from the merchant you purchased from via an affiliate network provider, we then pass 100% of this on to you. It is therefore with great regret that I have to advise you the Deal Group Media UK Ltd affiliate network (DGM) has ceased trading with immediate effect and all payments made to the network by the retailer will now become a debt to the retailer.

What does this mean for me?
As you have recently purchased from one or more of the merchants below we will not be able to pass on the cashback as we ourselves have not received, nor are we likely to receive payment from the DGM network.

Were shocked and disappointed that this has happened to a network. We have only found this news out today and will do all we can to reclaim your cashback, unfortunately on this occasion we dont think well have much joy.

We are now working with the appointed administrators of the network to see what monies may be forthcoming and will keep you informed.

The retailers that are effected by this are:, Aabro, Accountz, AFA Systems, Ambrose Wilson,, BE Broadband, Beauty Expert, Ben 10 Online, Bingo on the Box, Bluestone, Book Direct Rooms,
British Red Cross, Bump to 3, BuyMobilePhones, Car Audio Centre, Cho-Yung, Club Med, Condor Ferries, Costbiter, Decode Car Hire, Demon Internet, Dobbies, Eclipse Internet, Engage Mutual Assurance - Health Cash Plan, engage Mutual Assurance Child Trust,
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HelpuCover Pet Insurance, Home Shopping Direct,Hotter Shoes, House of Bath, ITV online shop, Jacamo, JackpotCity Casino, Jacobs Digital, JD Williams, Julipa, Jurys Inn, Lakeland Leather,Lebara Mobile, Machine Mart, Mankind, Marisota, Mazuma Mobile, Merchant 4577, Microwarehouse, MO-Call, National Trust, Naturally Close, New Now, Nickshop, Orange Home & Mobile Broadband, Orange Home Broadband, Orange Mobile Broadband, Parkdean Holidays, PC World Business, PDSA, Perfect Pizza,Petplan, Petplan Equine,
Please&thankyou, Pontins, Premier Man, Red5, RU Books, RU Craft, SeaFrance Ferries,
Siblu Holiday Parcs, Simply Be, Simply Yours, Sleeping Solutions, Snow+Rock, So Bathrooms,
Soletrader, Talkmobile ,Terrys Fabric,The Adventure Company, The Dog House,, Tracesmart, Viking Airlines, Virgin Bingo, Virgin Poker,Viva La Diva,
Vodafone, Vonage, Warner Leisure Hotels,, Webfusion,,
Whats About Town, WHSmith Mobiles, Wilkinson Plus,

We never like to hide behind terms and conditions but in circumstances like this, we do have to quote from our account holder agreement as follows:

The Quidco Service allows Account Holders to earn referral fees cashback on tracked purchases from Retailers. To qualify for cashback, the Retailer must confirm that the Account Holders purchase is tracked, genuine and successful (constituting a "Qualifying Transaction"), and your resulting referral fee must be received by us (becoming 'Cashback' as a result).

You may see the retailers above remaining on the Quidco site. This is because affected retailers may switch immediately to a new affiliate network and continue with their affiliate business. However, this will not be related in any way to existing transactions and enquiries.

I am very sorry to deliver such bad news to you, but we did want to make you aware of this situation as quickly as possible.
Kind regards,

Dom Butterell,
Head of QuidCare

hot from me, will try and see if 3 will match it when i get my upgrade any day now,wishful thinking probs!

looks to be in stock now.

Ordered one last night and quidco seem to came back with tracking saying that expected cashback is £0.01 Is this normal?

it's ok - just wanted to confirm that further £49.99 are being tracked by quidco now


No such deal offered now.. 12 months 1/2 price is the redemption now

Yep, now works out at (£25*12)+(£12.50*12)-£50=£400. Still a pretty good deal but I've seen better.


Yep, now works out at (£25*12)+(£12.50*12)-£50=£400. Still a pretty good d … Yep, now works out at (£25*12)+(£12.50*12)-£50=£400. Still a pretty good deal but I've seen better.

Hiya, just wondering if you could post a link to one that was better?
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