Orange Home Broadband

Orange Home Broadband

Found 30th Jan 2010
Great deal on home broadband... BT would struggle to compete, and believe me, they've tried. Have a look to see which deal suits you, but I've just signed up... in fact, I need to check what I've bought, because the Home Ultra seems to have an unbeatable free International calls bundled in, and I definitely want that!


I wouldnt say there was any unbeatable deals at all. All I can see is that you're trying to advertise Orange and are more than likely an employee

Consistantly rubbish customer service and never heard anyone say a good word about them. Cold 4 that.


Consistantly rubbish customer service and never heard anyone say a good … Consistantly rubbish customer service and never heard anyone say a good word about them. Cold 4 that.

Pretty much

plus im with orange and i think the service is poor slow speeds most the time

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Genuinely, I'm not an employee, but UKBloodHound has got me worried about my initial enthusiasm. I'll post back if I've got problems with the service, but the deal beats BT hands down, and I have searched around.

I was with Orange. Most of the time the service was OK, then I had a problem. After several calls to the call centre (India) I was in more trouble. Only got to speak to someone in England when I rang up to cancel. Changed providers now, cant believe the difference.

same here was with them when they were freeserve then wanadoo then orange then really slow speeds and problems , then i phoned them up and finally spoke to a uk call centre and cancelled now with bt what a brilliant change

I've had an Orange livebox for two years now. The service has had two outages in that time and the second line goes dead three or four times - for as much as a day or so. Speeds have been consistently fast at around 3Mb (I'm out in the sticks on copper wire, so that's pretty good) and my lad can host xbox live games at the same time as I'm online from the main computer. On the few occasions I've spoken to their customer service they've been excellent (but there's always a stupidly long wait to get through).

I don't work for Orange or have any other affiliation with the company, just telling what I've found. There plenty are horror stories about Sky (I have Sky telly and they've been nothing but helpful to me as well) and TalkTalk!

Best wishes, Neil

I have an early Orange broadband product that costs me a ridiculously low £5 / month, and that includes upto 3000 uncharged minutes to UK landlines, Orange mobiles and a ludicrously large number of international detinations including US & Canadian mobiles each month. Can honestly say I have never noticed an ounce of trouble and I really hammer it.
Maybe I'm the exception to the rule as I have heard some horror stories about Orange BB service (and other providers' service), although I suspect things have improved from the early days now that Orange is charging a realistic figure for their more recent packages (my ancient £5 / month package can hardly be sufficiently supporting the service nor boosting Orange's bank balance).

I had a BT BB product at one of my other properties until recently. Quite frankly, BT BB is grossly expensive in comparison. However, having had to contact BT BB CS on frequent occasions I have to admit that BT's CS was more than adequate, although not always effecting a prompt resolution to the particular issue.

BT or Orange BB? In my experience, Orange wins hands down, although I would concede that I am probably in the minority.

I suspect that o2's imminent entry into the combined home phone plus BB market will have a significant impact on other providers' pricing and service structure in favour of the consumer.

I've had Orange (previously Wanadoo) as my ISP since 2005 and have had no problems at all.
I am a happy customer.:thumbsup:

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Right, follow up, for anyone still reading this thread.
Got my wi-fi router, and tried to install it.
Couldn't get onto - tried everything - called support - threw in that a) was doing a blog on this b) my address, bar the post code, was completely wrong! Support agreed to ring back in an hour. Hours passed. Rang THEM back. Support agreed to ring me back, again, in an hour. They did ring back. Problem? I'd changed my settings on my pc to match another wi-fi network and it was manually configured, as opposed to using DHCP. It now works. Natch! Can't **** them off to prove I'm not an employee. Nevermind, they were brill, except the language barrier got me in one or two conversations. Happy surfing, all!
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