Orange Home Max Landline+Broadband £20 per month (or £15 with an Orange Mobile)
Orange Home Max Landline+Broadband £20 per month (or £15 with an Orange Mobile)

Orange Home Max Landline+Broadband £20 per month (or £15 with an Orange Mobile)

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Ok, Orange have announced (19th Feb) new Landline + Broadband + Mobile packages. If you don't like them then stop reading now. I've had no problems with their Broadband (perhaps I've been lucky?) but having just finished an 18 months Mobile + (free)Broadband package I'm now thinking of a Landline + Broadband deal.

So Home Max... first, Landline + Broadband is £20 per month for 18 months (£24 per month in months 1 and 8-18 ; £12 for months 2-7); Broadband in unlimited 8Meg; Landline includes rental and free evening and weekends; also get free calls with second line via Livebox (I don't use this because the calls through it are [email protected])

Landline + Broadband + Mobile is £15 per month for 18 months

Tariffs are here:-


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Its not that bad is it? If the broadband works (ours does), its 8meg unlimited...and free evening and weekend land line calls.

At least it gets you away from BT with their hidden charges from April 1...

Iv got Orange broadband have had it for over 7 months, have had no problem!

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So why so much negativity?

I have had orange broadband, and they were fine until you have a problem. I also had the livebox which allowed me to make free UK calls, I found the call quality was awfull and you had to have 2 handset (Which Orange dont make entirely clear) one to make the free calls and the other one to receive the calls.This will drive you nuts as you have to remember which handset to use everytime you want to make/receive a call.

The deal at the time was that you had to have an active BT line in order to plug in the LIvebox, then a few months later when my BT bill came I realised that 25-30% of the so called free calls were not being routed proparly through the livebox and was instead being charged by BT on my phone bill. I queried this and Orange were not interested in trying to sort the problem out, insteadthey were claiming that I was making calls without using the Livebox and this is why these particular calls were being charged by BT. This was of course untrue.

I also had various other issues with the Livebox and the internet connection, and I wrote to Orange in order to get a response and answer, but they were just un-interested.

The main thing is if you have a good and trouble free connection and service with Orange then you should be OK, but the moment you have any problems they are not interested and will not respond to any of your phone calls. I am now with Virgin and so ar they have been very good with the connection and customer services.

I have Orange mobile with broadband. There is a common problem with PPP Server down, it results in no service for weeks. If you escalate highly to Chief Executives office you get excellent compensation. I got around £100 per time credit on my mobile bill.

Orange are the worst company i have ever dealt with. They are ok when you are with them but if you try and leave them they behave like a small child, refusing to give MAC codes, then when threatened with legal action they say they will send a mac code, never recieved, etc, etc. Bottom line i was without broadband for nearly 2 months as they didnt remove the placeholder from the line to add insult to injury. PATHETIC BUNCH OF IDIOTS!!!

Read on and be informed: orangeproblems.co.uk/php…B2/

My biggest problem when I was with Freeserve/Wanadoo/Orange was my email address kept getting blacklisted, seems a vast amount of spam originates from oranges network, and they do absolutely nothing to try and control it. Thus Orange keeps getting blacklisted by other ISPs.

Had nightmare difficulties with Orange broadband, couldn't get away from them quick enough. Customer service is a joke not to mention the fact you are taking to a call centre in India. Gets the cold vote from me.

If you are looking for a super reliable ISP with excellent customer service (in the UK) and dont mind paying slightly more than the average per month then I can wholly recommend "Zen Broadband". Best move I made and worth every penny. They have won their fair share of awards and I can understand why.


Worth mentioning also that the monthly debit amount you pay equals one months broadband service and is automatically renewable from month to month, so if you dont like the service for whatever reason you can simply give them a call and end the service within the same month paid for. No long contract tie-in's.

be carefull when changing provider check this out


look at the orange and Tiscali reviews they really are shocking.
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