Orange Maps are now available for the HTC Hero - "Free" for those on some packages.

Orange Maps are now available for the HTC Hero - "Free" for those on some packages.

Found 1st Nov 2009
Not exactly a deal but not exactly a freebie either.

Perhaps more a Deal follow up???

Orange Maps are now available for the HTC Hero (They were previously unavailable for the Android OS.)

Orange dont seem to be letting anyone know that this is the case & it isnt listed as a supported phone on the Orange website yet but it is indeed available & working happily on my Hero.

I know that Orange Maps aint a patch on a standalone Sat-Nav but given that you probably dont carry your Sat-Nav in your pocket everywhere you go...... (or do you).

I believe Orange Maps are "free/included" as part of any Orange package which originally cost £30 or over (even if you got a deal where its a bit cheaper).

If you have an Orange package which does include Orange Maps may be worth a download.


Good spot, downloaded and working

Thanks - heat added

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I see this has been moved to freebies.

I'm not sure this is where it belongs as it by no means free - You need to be on a package which is why I posted it as a deal.

Downloading now. Thanks Tomb. H+R added.

EDIT - To install these, disable Wifi and connect via GRPS/HSDPA
Go to on your Hero

Scroll down on the page until you see the "Download Orange Maps - free in your plan" and tap on it

On the next page select on "Download Orange Maps" to download.

Once downloaded, tap to install and whilst installing it will ask about installing non marketplace apps, tick the "Unknown sources" box then the back arrow to install!
[COLOR="Red"]EDIT It kept force closing for me on the initial launch if the phone went into standby. I stopped the screen from fading by tapping it and that seemed to solve it for me. Once it was set up it was all goood![/COLOR]

Google Navigation is going to be free, so you won't need this.

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Google Navigation is going to be free, so you won't need this.

Cheers for that.

Just done some Googling for information about Google Navigation and it looks great.

To save anyone else from having to search - it has just been announced that the HTC Hero will be getting the 2.0 upgrade (codename Eclaire) although a release date hasn't been announced it looks as if it will be out before the end of the year.

This will be a major upgrade and included will be "Google Navigation" which looks excellent & will likely blow Orange Maps out of the water.…ect

Most reviews also indicate that this development may have a huge impact on the "traditional" Sat-Nav market - why pay for a seperate device when you can have something that does it all for free. Apparently Since the announcement of Google Navigation Tom-Tom share prices have taken a hit.

To be honest once Google Navigation is out the only plus point that Orange Maps will have is that any downloads they need to work are free on selected plans - I'm not sure how much data Google Navigation will use & therefore potentially cost. (Fingers crossed that its download needs are minimal).

Amazing what they can do nowadays - innit ;-)

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Decided that Android 2.0 & all its joys deserves its own thread - credit to momagic.

Orange Maps is here now till 2.0 lands though :-)

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I did post the info about 2.0 and Google Navigation in freebies but was moved to Misc - where I fear hardly anyone will see it.

Ah Well. :roll:
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