Orange "new phone fund" - 10% of your top-up anounts are given on top, to go towards a new phone.
Orange "new phone fund" - 10% of your top-up anounts are given on top, to go towards a new phone.

Orange "new phone fund" - 10% of your top-up anounts are given on top, to go towards a new phone.

Orange have announced today that, from 11th February, every £10 you top up will add £1 to a "new phone fund", which can later be used to buy a new phone from Orange.

This replaces the VAT adjustment, where Orange were offering £10.25 in airtime every time you topped up by £10.


Good Deal if your on pay as you go!

Not bad, but not great. I bet most phones could be found cheaper than Orange sell them anyway.

Hmm. I gert cast off phones from my kids which are usually state of the art jobs so I'd rather have my 25p of calls personally. Still a free phone now and again could be sold I suppose but what if they delete your credits if unused after 2 yrs etc?


Good Deal if your on pay as you go!

im on payg as i dont use the phone for much more than texts and emergencies - this will probably get me a fiver in a year. Mobiles only from orange or from other stores by redemption? If from orange may work out cheaper just buying elsewhere and ignoring this.
If you were a high enough usage person you'd probably be contract anyway?

Anyway, knew about this as i think every orange user will be texted about it so not really new info.

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Good show really. Is this on a separate deal to all of their other animals or is it on all of their PAYG offers? Is there an expiry period on the credit (Ie. Like frequent flyer miles)?

Ok, thinking caps on here ....

PAYG should get £5 from Quidco

Top up with Tesco Credit Card for clubcard points on top-ups.

Use credit to buy single downolads from Jamster, via Quidco - cost per download - £1.50, Quidco per download £1.80

So, top-ups generate 20% profit already.

Then, the top-ups also generate a 10% "phone back" so, pick phones that will sell to Cex for around their purchase price from Orange and sell them on - assume you only get half the purchase price back so factor this bit in at 5%, so you get a 25% return on your money over c3month period if you are quick enough.

Given that interest rates are so low, this is a far better use of funds (though not necessarily as safe as banks - cant see Gordon the Moron stepping in to save Quidco !)

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Good show really. Is this on a separate deal to all of their other … Good show really. Is this on a separate deal to all of their other animals or is it on all of their PAYG offers? Is there an expiry period on the credit (Ie. Like frequent flyer miles)?

It's on all PAYG. Not seen anything about expiry yet. I'm expecting more details to come out closer to the time.

My girlfriend is on Pay as you go and spends about £20 a month (she doesnt want to get tied into a contract i've tried to convince her otherwise) so for her this is spot on! its swings and roundabouts whats good deal for one person isnt for another the joy of hotdeals I guess!

I don't think this is such a good deal, just a clever marketing ploy.Considering the cost of mobile phones you would have to spend an absolute fortune to get any real money off. They however are in a win, win situation. They get your call top up money, you buy your new phone from them and they lock you in as a future customer. Clever Orange!:x

I dont think this is a good offer as I have just upgraded my phone and normally keep my phone for a few years. The phone I purchased was cheaper at carphone warehouse and I only had to top up by £10 where orange was asking for £20. My children also recently upgraded so this offer is no good for them either. I emailed Orange and this is their response
To provide a better service for our customers and to give you better value for
your money Orange Phone Fund will award you 10% back for every top-up made. So
if you top your phone up by £10 we will give you £1 towards your phone Fund,
this gives you four times the benefit of the extra VAT credit.

Your Phone Fund builds over a maximum of 12 months with each top-up, until you
decide to buy a new phone. You can get a new phone by calling 450 or going to an
Orange shop to cash in the fund towards the cost of the new phone. The maximum
value of the new phone is £200.

However, if you feel that you would rather have the money as airtime on this
occasion we can arrange for the credit to be applied back to your account.
Please note that this would be at the rate of 25 pence (equivalent to the 2.5%
VAT back) for every £10 topped up from 11 February 2009 and you would have to
call 450 from your Orange handset or 07973100450 from a landline where one of
our representatives will be pleased to help you.

For further information on terms and conditions please visit the link below:

Have not voted hot or cold because it will depend on you phone usage.

and when the vat goes back up, then what?
I think it's a con. Thanks Laudan for that info. Do you think they would accept an instruction to give me the 25p every time. I'm sure it won't last and they'll say you have £7 or whatever towards a new orange phone which you'll never buy and in the meantime they have Gordon Brown's 25p lotto win to spend on advertising.
It costs me 25p to speak to a human being on 450!! Might try an e-mail

Thank you laudan - I will definitely be telling them to cram their offer where the sun shineth not. I have no intention of buying a new phone in the near future, certainly not before the VAT gets returned to normal. I top up very little, and would be shocked if i racked up more than £6 this year towards a new phone i don't want, from a provider i don't want to buy from.

Would be good if they started charging the correct amount of VAT on their broadband.

Virgin have been doing a deal like this for years where for every £100 you spend you get £10 back off a phone and this deal runs for top-ups over a rolling 2 years unlike oranges 1 year before you lose it.

And virgin also give u the vat saving so dont know why orange cant do both deals


I'm not with Orange at the moment, do they have a minimum of £10 top up each time, and/or if you top up less than £10 does this mean that you won't get £1 to the fund? Or will you get a part thereof. (Ie. £5 topup = 50p??)


minimum top up is £5 and yes you get the 50p towards your phone fund.
this is ideal for me. my work gets £20 on my phone weekly for sorting out orders when im not in the restaurant.
means ill get 100 quid off a new phone at the end of the year for doing nothing

They are con artists. See bold script below. Orange users of the world must unite and rise up against this exploitation of the pay-as-you-go classes. I have threatened them with legal action over my 25p's. Can I suggest you all contact the mean spirited b*****ds at help.orange.co.uk/ora…jsp
and threaten them - see if they take any notice?

Phone Fund
This Phone Fund promotion ('the Promotion') is available to all Orange pay as you go customers.
The Promotion will start on 12th February 2009.
The Promotion is that every time you top up you will receive a credit worth 10% of your top up (eg, if you top up by £10, you'll get a £1 credit).
Each credit that you accumulate will go into your Phone Fund. The maximum credit you can build up in your phone fund is £200.
Subject to clause 9 below, any credit added to your Phone Fund and not used within 12 months will expire. If you do not use your phone or register a top-up for a period of 6 months, any credit added to your Phone Fund will expire.
Your Phone Fund can be used as a discount off the price of any new PAYG handset when you transfer your number when purchased in an Orange shop, on [url]www.orange.co.uk[/url] or by calling 450. When using the Phone Fund, the oldest accumulated credit will be used first. Any remaining credit will be subject to the normal 12 month expiry rules.
The Promotion is not available with any other offer and/or promotion unless otherwise specified or redeemable as a cash or credit
Orange reserves the right to amend, vary or cancel these terms and conditions or to withdraw this Promotion upon 30 days notice.
If this Promotion is withdrawn, any credit in your Phone Fund must be used within 2 months from the date of withdrawal. Any credit not used during this period will expire.
Service is subject to the Terms and Conditions for the Supply of Orange pay as you go services, a copy of which can be found at the back of your Orange phone User Guide or SIM pack. Where there is any inconsistency between these Terms and Conditions, and the Standard Terms and Conditions, the latter will prevail.
The promoter is Orange Personal Communications Services Limited of St James Court, Great Park Road, Almondsbury Park, Bradley Stoke, Bristol, BS32 4QJ


threaten them with what? its standard practice to only allow use of incenives, points etc for 12 months before they expire.
if your talking about the VAT they arent doing anything wrong, the 2.5% vat cut doesnt have to be passed to the consumer
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