Orange Pay Monthly - Nokia 5800 Comes With Music, 400 min, 800 txt for £14.67 @24 months.
Orange Pay Monthly - Nokia 5800 Comes With Music, 400 min, 800 txt for £14.67 @24 months.

Orange Pay Monthly - Nokia 5800 Comes With Music, 400 min, 800 txt for £14.67 @24 months.

Deal for existing Orange Pay As You Go customers.

I asked for my pac code and called pay as you go retentions asking specifically if they could beat this offer(Comes with Music 25):


They came up(after approx 10 minutes) with:

400 min any network anytime
800 txt
@ £14,67 - 24 months contract

This is a similar deal(certainly the same process of getting it) to one posted here:

but with this one you get: 2 years of free music which you can keep forever and a better phone so I think it deserves a separate topic.

This is my first submission so take it easy

Good luck.

Ps. Use this number to speak to them: 0800 079 0435
Ps2. You can try to get some magic number offers with it.


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why cold?

2 years....

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I don't get this, this deal saves you £240 pounds/2years, comes with music on itself is worth 100 pounds to nokia ( they say they don't make any money of it, I wonder how much money would this pin make on ebay..), on top of that you get good amount of texts and minutes plus I'm sure there are going to be price changes ( so you can terminate your contract) and you can crack the drm. For the price of two albums of itunes you get this whole lot, really don't see how this can be voted cold.

voted hottish by me ...

ok it's a 2 yr deal but as the OP states it includes 2 yrs worth of LEGAL downloads. I don't know about you but I think I could fill a couple of hard drives in that time!! DRM protected but it can be broken and before anybody adds I do not see a problem with that as long as it's for personal use (home taping didn't kill music after all!).

Good phone and not a bad call/txt package for the average user.

People on MSE have reported 800 mins, untld texts and unltd data with a new phone (albeit not a great one) from orange retentions for £14.67 p/m and a one month rolling contract. Granted the OP's deal is good if you want the phone and are not a heavy user.

This is a great deal, I was wandering if anyone could give me some advice please. I have always been a payg o2 customer but now i need to get a new phone as mine has died. I would love to get this but dont know how I can get a good deal on it. I have got a orange payg sim card how do you think I could get a good deal as I am an o2 user? xx

please someone advise me x
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