Orange, Plum, Cherry Marzipan Coins £2.49 @ Lidl

Orange, Plum, Cherry Marzipan Coins £2.49 @ Lidl

Found 5th Aug 2013
I bought these in Lidl last week but held off posting until I'd taste tested them! I used to buy the similar product made by Anthon Berg in a department store years ago but haven't seen them for a long time. Googling suggests they're not widely available on the High Street and online prices are 2-3 times the Lidl ones. The Lidl pack size is also a little larger. Anyway, I wasn't disappointed, they taste just the way I remember them. I know marzipan isn't everyone's cup of tea and to some it's the devil's spawn but, for a treat, these are a really good buy.
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As you say, much the same as (and almost certainly made by) Anthon Berg, but at a rather lower price.
These are delicious. I bought them from Lidl last year. Thanks......heat added
im glad ive seen this post as im mad about marzipan and love Lidl stuff. bought some of these a few months ago as a treat for me, got them home and was a bit dissapointed. altho the taste was lovely the marzipan inside wasnt firm. it was quite soft and mixed with the fruit inside! have you found this with yours i took first box bk and exchanged it with another box but sadly they are the same!
I haven't found that, but I also keep them in the fridge because I like the chocolate to be crisp. The fruity bit isn't mixed in on the ones I've had - it's like a jaffa cake - inbetween the top layer of chocolate and the marzipan.
Hmmm thats what i thought! the manager was none too happy when i asked him to changed them. I went for the orange flavour and most of the box is still sat in fridge! i know they taste good but feel a little let down because it wesnt how i expected it to be! hey ho christmas not far off, so i can at least stock up on marzipan logs lol
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