Orange San Francisco + effectively £120 credit for only £159 at Orange (In store only)

Orange San Francisco + effectively £120 credit for only £159 at Orange (In store only)

Found 17th Oct 2010
Came across this cracker of a deal when I was out phone shopping with the girlfriend.

When you purchase a 120 ready deal in an Orange store, you can get £60 off of a San francisco Handset, making it only £39!

Not bad for a 3G Android phone that's been getting raving reviews across the board!

Here is more information on the ready deal scheme:…tml

Basically you pay the £120 credit up front in store when you buy your handset, then over a period of 12 months, £10 credit will be automatically added to your phone every month. This can be combined with Orange's animal deals, so if you chose Dolphin, every month you will get 300 free texts and 100mb Internet usage, leaving you your £10 for calls.

If the £10 isn't enough, you also get a top card for you to top up whenever you need.

This was in the Coventry Smithford Way store, but I assume that it will be available nationally as well.

AN image of the receipt will be posted in the comments section (albeit in a really crap quality... sorry!)


Guess its the 100mb internet usage that's caused the 'cold' ?

orange also do a 6 month deal 6/ £10 topups. £69 for the phone total £129.

This phone is fantastic. I have just had one to replace my Motorola Dext which I can sell on ebay to cover the cost of this on PAYG.
This phones had great reviews, runs Android 2.1, its light thin, and got a great screen.
This is a re badged ZTE Blade I think.
I am on contract so no need to worry about data charges. But be careful if you are on PAYG purchase a data bundle because this phone has so many free apps on the Android Market place you are going to need it.
Voted Hot !
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