Orange Sim Card
Orange Sim Card

Orange Sim Card

Amazing. Orange and TV Easy have got together to give you this great deal - a free Orange pay as you go SIM Card. Oh, and 300 free texts. And did we mention the one Megabyte of free Orange World access or the calls from 15p per hour?

To get your hands on these freebies, just fill out the form. Wait a couple of days. The SIM Card will appear as if by magic (but actually by post). Stick it in your unlocked phone. Free services are now there for you to use.

Now would be a good time to start that list of your 300 most favourite people, because soon you will be able to text them all for no money...


Nice one, thank you and welcome to HUKD

thanks kirkie

nice spot - thanks kirkie

Thanks. Great deal.

Thanks for this and Welcome to HotUKDeals

Just orderd mine thanks kirkie....hope this one arrives as every other orange sim card I've ordered has failed to be delivered.

tahk you very much

Another option here: :thumbsup:


Existing Orange Pay-as-you-Go users appear to be able to join this tariff without having to change their SIM or their existing phone number. Indeed reading through the T&Cs you can have both the free evening calls to other Orange users and this "Free Text Top-Up" both active at the same time.

So for GBP 10.00 per month you *appear* to get for free :-

300 cross network texts (enough for most normal users).
1Mbyte of access to Orange World using GPRS (less using GSM data?).
600 minutes of free evening calls to other Orange phones (a previous offer).

And you've still got that 10 quid's worth of calls to use per month !

Also joining this offer appears to reduce the cost of Orange SMS messages (texts) for existing Pay-as-you-Go users from their outragous 12p to a slightly better 10p. Even if you don't put a tenner on your SIM that month. So its difficult to see a reason for existing users not joining this tariff, unless you've already got one of the really obscure and really good tariffs from the days when Orange led the pack under Hans Snook...


thank you very much


Another link for a free orange … Another link for a free orange simcard]http://shop.orange.co.uk/shop/simoffer?WT.mc_id=ora06116_ph_03Enjoy.

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