Orange sim only free via [email protected] One stop phone shop
you get 600 mins and unlimited texts for free via redemption. it is a 1 month contract.
it is £20 without redemption

(price stated on right is without redemption)


Link goes to e2save :thinking:

Indeed it does, and the T&Cs dont make much sense for a SIM only plan. I certainly wouldnt bank on them giving you a months redemption after only a month.

Instalment 1 - You will need to claim by sending the bill dated 2 calendar months from the month that you received your handset and you have 60 days from this date to submit your claim. Send us your claim form and monthly bill showing your name, address, mobile number and tariff you are connected to. (this bill must be no older than 60 days from when we receive it and have no balance brought forward.)
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