Orange Texts within Europe reduced by 60% from 1st July
Orange Texts within Europe reduced by 60% from 1st July

Orange Texts within Europe reduced by 60% from 1st July

Just got word from Orange on this, not before time!

They did give me a line to orange.co.uk/abroad but never seen the confirmation, maybe they have not updated yet or maybe I missed it as I'm in a hurry.

Guessing it will be for PAYG and Pay monthly


ANY reduction in price has got to be good news, thanks for sharing - Heat added.

Voted cold. This is being forced on Orange and a benefit of being within the EU which is forcing reduction on all mobile operators from July 1st:

"MEPs and the Council Presidency agreed with the Commission that a roamed text message (SMS) should cost a maximum of €0.11 (excluding VAT) from 1 July 2009"

Expect sneaky rises in stuff not covered by the agreement to compensate. Like the removal of Three's 'no roaming charges' in Ireland & Italy.

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Forced or not, it's here and will certainly limit my bill given the amount of time I have to spend outwith the UK.

Have a go-sim card but not the handiest at all.

Not a huge fan of Orange but used them for a while now, best of a bad bunch for most of the time.

I remember back in the year 99 or thereabouts where others I was travelling with had o2, Vodafone and T-mobile...Orange was far cheaper when roaming.

Exactly, forced or not it is still a big reduction thus making it a great deal.

Heat Added!!!

Cold, It’s across the board on all network’s. If I put up a post that said 3 are reducing their roaming cost in France, germany, etc. That aren’t part of the “like home” till the end of June, it would be certain to be voted down due to the fact that they are removing the “like home” option. I’d agree with voting it cold and I’m voting this cold as it’s not really something that they’re offering, but everyone is doing as they’re being forced to.

More likely to be voted hot is the campaign that 3 and BT are heading to get rid of call termination fees: [url]www.terminatetherate.org[/url]
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