Oranjeboom 330ml bottles, 50p when bought in multiples of 4 @ B&M

Oranjeboom 330ml bottles, 50p when bought in multiples of 4 @ B&M

Found 29th Dec 2011
I love this stuff. Genuinely imported lager, tastes much better than the cheap English mass produced lagers in my opinion. Saw it in B&M at 59p a bottle before Christmas (23rd Dec), sold by the bottle. I asked the nearest shop assistant if they had any full cases, and I took both... was even happier when I got to the checkout and found out that there's some kind of 4 bottles for £2 promotion on, as this wasn't advertised! Well chuffed at £12 a case... and that's a proper case of beer, none of this 15/18/20 per case business!! Went back today in hope that they had more cases in, but they only had what was on the shelf. They're due to get more in come January, so I'll be back! Can't grumble at 86p per pint when it's important and in glass.

They also had Grolsch swingtop imported 440ml bottles at £1.39, or four for £5, which is also a pretty good price. For £20 you got 16 bottles and a proper Grolsch heavy duty plastic carry out crate that you keep with them.
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did similar with corrona not long ago, have a bit heat

This looks like a good deal if you've got a B&M store nearby.

For anyone who isn't aware, this deal at Tesco offers you 3 x 500ml bottles of imported Vratislav Czech lager for £1.98 = 75p per pint.


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