Orb PS3 Dual Controller Charging Dock - £1 @ Poundland

Orb PS3 Dual Controller Charging Dock - £1 @ Poundland

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Poundland have Orb Dual Controller PS3 Charging Docks in for £1. Quite a few in stock in Coventry city centre.


Also in Brighton today, lots of them. Very pleased with mine.

I got one of these the other week. For a quid I was surprised how good it was .

Was gonna say great but as my pads have the keypads on um I will stick to USB cable.

Nice for anyone wanting one though.


A £1 charging dock is a good deal but having to go to coventry to get … A £1 charging dock is a good deal but having to go to coventry to get it.....went past there on the train earlier and thought I'd woken up in life on mars

might be easier and quicker if you try going to your local poundland

Great price , we've got one of the stands but if we didn't have I'd be down there like a shot. heat added!

These are in my local one too- Kings Lynn and they are good.

Awesome, I'll pick one up today.

Cheers OP, have some heat!

Hope my local has some... would be handy, Cheers OP

bought one the other day, good price for a natty little device



Very droll well done...you kinda missed the point it is Coventry

No he was pointing out where he got it i so people knew there was stock there also it was then found elsewhere meaning it is very likley nationwide. It Was NEVER said to be store specific.

I have had a look in the new one that opened up near my work none there.

Will check the other one in town,

but mind you they must alternate stock as before they didnt have the ipad/iphone docks but they do have them now... so will keep checking

Same with the granite chopping boards will keep looking for one of them

Am after two of these if any one wants to pick them up and will pay postage if as well
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Had them in Halifax. Works a treat.

Aberdeen Union St branch has heeps on the shelf so picked up 2


gonna check this out
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