Orbeez foot spa instore at Asda for £15

Orbeez foot spa instore at Asda for £15

Found 19th Nov 2013
These are half price at asda newport at the moment, reduced from around £30. Bought 2 today at asda duffryn.


awesome deal but the reviews on amazon are shocking

Hot for being a good price compared to other retailers but have to admit i don't get the point in this? Surely a kid would be bored within a minute of realising that it doesn't really do anything or am i missing the point of it?`
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not worth it, daughter has asked for this for Xmas I thought I would cheat as the reviews are not great and thought i would just buy the refills and put them in my own foot spa but the refills are a tenner .. hmm also my nan says she buys these aqua balls off a gardening channel that are just like these and puts them in her flowers lol

still worth 15 surely

my daughter asked for this after she had a horrific accident, so I couldn't say no to her at that point. but it's awful, she only used it once! packed it away, it's a waste of space.

awful product. complained and the customer service was awful too.

Buy some of these cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/…dll?ViewItem&item=170692606608&ssPageName=ADME:X:RTQ:GB:1123 and a washing up bowl

It is a really good price compared to elsewhere and heat added because it is a good deal price wise but have to agree with the terrible reviews , absolutely awful product the orbeez turn to a terrible mush on 1st use. Straight back to the shop and customer services said they'd had loads bought back

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Aw no is it really as rubbish as everyone is saying? :-( my girls have nagged me for months for this and I thought I had a bargain lol.. Glad I found and bought them cheap rather than full price now lol

yes my friend bought this for her daughter, used once, said it is total rubbish, the reviews are right, sorry

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Oh gosh this could turn into the worst Xmas present ever bought :-( from the advertising and stuff it seemed like a great product, lesson learnt by me..... Don't fall for the power of adverts and read reviews first. Thanks guys for the feedback :-)

Oh no,I bought one of these weeks ago for Christmas! Do argos do returns without receipt? It's been that long I think I've lost mine in the house somewhere :-(

my daughter also wants this but been told no im not wasting money on crap

Thanks my daughter wants one for christmas of santa and i was refusing to pay full price but am willing to pay £15 even if its rubbish lol

Oh and we got the last one in asda peterlee

Ive purchased the new one from america cost same as this one including p+p it looks abit more sturdy and states its new and improved hope it is .
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