Orbeez Soothing Spa £22.94 @ Amazon

Orbeez Soothing Spa £22.94 @ Amazon

Found 10th Nov 2012
My daughter has wanted this since seeing the advert. The reviews are very hit and miss but if it's as great as they say my dd will love it and if it's as bad as they say I'll send it back. Sometimes reviews don't help. lol I'm hoping we can enjoy some girly spa nights in over the winter. Lowest price it's been.
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Sorry, thought I filled in all the fields required, didn't do very well did I!
£22.94 at Amazon! No idea how to edit post sorry.
voted hot, I paid £30 for this a few weeks back for my daughters birthday which is this Sunday, so havnt used it yet, I am sure she will love it when she has her friends over for a sleepover. You are right some reviews were not that good but Im sure my 9 year old will love it X)
I saw this in Smyths this week, you can add some oil to the beads it said.. put me right off..
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