Orbeez Soothing Spa - back in stock £20 (C&C) at Tesco - cheapest around!

Orbeez Soothing Spa - back in stock £20 (C&C) at Tesco - cheapest around!

Found 28th Oct 2013
Normally £30 - this is the lowest I've seen it - be quick before stock goes again!

The Orbeez Soothing Spa offers the ultimate spa experience! Place the Orbeez in the foot tub and immerse your feet in the squishy softness. Sit back and relax as the cascading Orbeez waterfall caresses your feet. The soothing spa comes with a bottle of beautifully scented perfume, add a drop to your Orbeez to make them smell divine and enhance your spa experience. The spa also has removable hand trays that can be used as a manicure station making sure your fingers don’t get neglected. For that extra special soothing effect, the Orbeez Soothing Spa has ambient lighting.

Replacement Balls (Orbeez) are 5 packets for £1 on ebay.
- yorky118
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saw this yesterday but had my daughter with me, hope theyve got some left today x
Really wanted this for my daughter but the reviews have out me off.
Put *
Bought this for my daughter last year. terrible product would advise agaisnt it. The balls down fall down like a waterfall they just fill the little bowl then that falls down. complete waste of money.
what a strange idea! I've never known a little girl want a foot spa so I though it was for adults lol
buy it right now....These will go very quickly
my 6 year old daughter wants this put it on her Xmas list but after reading a few reviews not going to bother may just fill my own foot spa with the balls if I really have to
Same price at amazon delivered
Just picked one up.
Daughter going to be chuffed.
Thanks for posting
Back in stock again - 1-11-13 @ 16:05 - cheers devious paul !
My little sister wants to get this, we are going down to my nana's soon and she has been giving spending money for there, but she now has enough for one, but reading through these comments, should she really waste £20 pounds on this? I think it looks quite good myself, but I'm not certain it will be as good as it looks?:/
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