Orbitcam Drone XL with 3MP camera - reduced to £40 from £100 at Sainsburys

Orbitcam Drone XL with 3MP camera - reduced to £40 from £100 at Sainsburys

Found 2nd Oct 2016
This was in store at Sainsburys Westwood Cross, but I believe this will be national?

Only one left on the shelf, seems quite big especially when the much smaller sized one is going for £70.

Does anyone know if this is a good model? I had a quick search but saw someone moaning about battery life.

I've resisted so far!
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Why is everyone voting this so cold guys? This XL model with the camera seems to be £69 everywhere else?

Is this not a good price for a large drone with a camera and some gyro stablisers?

Would appreciate some feedback as I'm still very tempted to buy it myself despite all the faceless downvotes =p
seems good to me!
For reference I've just researched this further and I think i'll buy this tomorrow if someone else hasnt snatched it up before then.

There are lots of good reviews on Amazon saying it's robust and good for learners, easy to fly with the gyoscopes, etc.

There are some mentions of battery life, and that it can drop out of the sky when the battery runs out, but i think this will be common with all cheap drones.
There's also mentions of getting spare battery packs or modifying it to take a larger battery.

A price check on camelcamelcamel shows this is a good price:

Can't really see many downsides TBH, am i missing something?

Is there a much better drone for a similar pricepoint?
id go with cold for the bull rrp as confirmed by camel camel
I've bought the last one at my local and got some money knocked off because of a damaged box.

Decent sized drone with stabilisers and a camera for £36? I think i did alright
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