Orchard Toys Piggy In The Middle now £3.53 del @ Amazon

Orchard Toys Piggy In The Middle now £3.53 del @ Amazon

Found 1st Jul 2013
rrp £11.75, cheapest its ever been @ amazon & cheapest around by quite a long way. Great reviews
Helps children learn about money
Award winning, colourful game featuring red piggy bank
Enhances maths skills
Suitable for ages 5 to 10
For 2 - 4 players
Help children learn about money and encourage them to save in this fun game with plastic coins and a real piggy bank. The game is set up by putting the shiny red piggy bank in the centre of the board, and the coin cards are placed face down in a pile. Each player is given a piggy bank board, a matching coloured counter, and some coins. The remaining money is kept in the 'bank' to one side of the board, and one player is chosen to be the banker. The first player rolls the die and moves their counter round the board. If they land on a yellow coin space, they take the top coin cardand read it out. If it says 'spend' or 'save', they must either pay into the bank or receive money from the bank, and the amount is determined by spinning the spinner. If the card shows a piggy bank, the player takes all the money from the piggy bank and adds it to their savings. If a player lands on a piggy bank space which is a different colour to their own, they must take 50p from their savings and put it into the piggy bank. Once a player has saved £5.00 on their piggy bank board, they try to roll the exact number to land on a 'finish' space and win the game. Children learn about basic maths and counting, and the game helps them become familiar with coins and money. It also teaches them about calculating change, as they may have to change money into larger or smaller denominations at the bank. This award-winning game is suitable for 2 to 4 players, aged 5 to 10 years, and is made from durable recycled board, with bright, cheerful illustrations.
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my little girl is only two shame its too old for her very good price tho heat
Ace price! Thanks
Thanks, bought for my 4 yr old for Xmas.
Great ordered thanks
I bought it a week ago for that price as seen it on here well worth the money
Thanks very much missed it last time it was on offer, glad I did because its cheaper this time
Great, thanks. Grand-daughter's birthday coming up and she loves Orchard Games.
Ordered thanks op :0)
Good buy thanks,just ordered for Xmas.
Great reviews, ordered to put away for Christmas, thanks for posting, heat added.
Great thanks! One for my DS's birthday and two for the present drawer
Brilliant - thanks op!
thank you
Great thanks! ordered 2 :))
went OOS during checkout
Out of stock :-( shame, thanx anyway
£11.50 now
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