Order 300 Nespresso capsules and receive a free Aeroccino!

Order 300 Nespresso capsules and receive a free Aeroccino!

Found 4th Dec 2012
Fantastic deal, especially for those with account credit from ordering a Nespresso machine recently.

Order 300 (or more) coffee capsules from the nespresso store (already the cheapest place to buy capsules) and you'll automatically have an Aeroccino+ added to your basked for free. These retail at £40+

Delivery is free.

Valid until the end of December.
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The banner ad does say that the 'offer is exclusive to you'.

Is that applicable to all 'club' members?
Not sure but i ordered 250 yesterday and saw no sight of this offer. Now when i log in today......
my account says i need to buy 400?? must be tailored to your order history..
So you bought 2 machines as gifts and are now keeping the credit for yourself?!
I've been trying this for days, set up new accounts, etc. but no luck

I suspect its a "brand new customers only" deal when they add their new machine. Also, the last listing for this only got to 15 degrees (poor bloke) probably due to a lot of nespresso haters out there.

Great deal for those who get it
It's def not for just new users. I've been with them for over a year and don't buy too many capsules from them but it is on the order section on their website.

It automatically adds one to your basket when you order 300 so try doing that?
I think for 300 capsules the cheapest you can get them for is £87.
350 for me, not a brand new customer but also not an avid purchaser... thanks for the heads up!
just registered. but not working for me.
Not working for me for any quantity!
Not working for me either. Where do you see the banner?
350 required for us. Go to the Order section of the website (where you can choose what capsules you want) and you'll see the banner there.

I'm not a new user, have made 2 previous orders of around £40 each.

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Its a random pop up on certain accounts. It goes off how many pods you usually order then adds some! ... we usually order 200-250 pods each time, but it wants an order of 450 for us!! ... this was all confirmed by phone as I just placed an order
This appears at the top of the 'Order your capsules' page for me.

I think it only appears when you ordered something before. I just registered. the page shows "welcome offer" which makes sense.
I have ordered several times before ... not that regularly, 3 or for times in the past couple of years..... I have tried adding upto 1000 capsules to the basket but nothing no offer :-(
I normally order 200 capsules to get free delivery. Been with them for maybe 3 or 4 years now. No listing of an offer.

I wonder if its machine related? My one has one already.
I don't even have one machine in my account. I just got one free delivered and actually the offer is still in my account i.e. i can order more if i want to.
I registered earlier this year and have never bought online before. Normally get the capsules from their shop in London. I have also got the 300 capsule offer. Might as well order 300 for the Aeroccino. Will keep me awake for the next year or so!! oO

Thanks op!!
My mum only had to order 250! She's only ever ordered very small numbers of pods.
400 pods for me
We've been with them a year or so and only order maybe 25-30 pounds worth each time. No offer for us
Great deal.
Just got an aeroccino for ordering 250 capsules. Hot deal!
Only requiring 250 capsule orders for me
drats just ordered 200 at weekend coming tomorrow!
Sods law just get the Variations banner which has sold out.
450 pods for me :<
Worked for me with the 300 capsules. Great offer including free postage. Thanks mate.
Worked great for me, 300 capsules and free delivery. Thanks mate.
300 for me, I have only ordered once from them and the machine I registered has an aeroccino already
good deal though if you need one
Can't see the freebie at all, have 600 capsules in my basket but no sign of it. I'm almost out of capsules too so need to make an order.
450 pods required for me. :-o

I'm definitely going to order 450 though as I was actually going to Selfridges in Birmingham this weekend to get 300 pods and buy an aeroccino anyway. So that's saved me £46 just for buying some extra pods that would get used in the next 3-4 months anyway.

Thanks OP.
skodaboy, did you just add the pods and the aeroccino appears in your basket?
Getting a machine for xmas so may just treat myself to some pods early! Heat added.
450 for me - that is more than double the usual 200 that I order at a time.
Was 400 for me, but I am a regular 200+ order-er
have some heat !
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