Order a Save-a-Flush bag
Order a Save-a-Flush bag

Order a Save-a-Flush bag

Conserve water by using a free Save a Flush bag in your cistern.

Order a save-a-flush for your home or business by completing the form below. More information on the possible benefits is available on the Waterwise website.

Save-a-flushes are only suitable for toilet cisterns with a flushing volume of greater than 7 litres (typically toilets manufactured before 2001). Toilets manufactured after 2001 (single or dual flush) typically have a large flush of 6 litres and a small flush of 4 litres.

Please note: Save-a-flush bags typically last for 5 years (approximation). Save-a-flush bags can only be dispatched to UK addresses.

You can order up to four bags



good post mate just ordered mine for friends and family, guess what they'll be gettin for christmas.... haha


Got these last year, put one in and for the entire time it was in we had to flush twice each time lol. So for us it didn't really save much water.

:-D thanks heat & rep added :-D

2 house bricks in the cistern has always done us fine....

Dunno the volume of a house brick (and can't be bothered working it out...) but probably around a litre/ litre and an half each each? Anyway, can't get any more in cistern and no problems with any flushing at all.....

Get a toilet with an internal overflow and take the float of the inlet valve,
nice clean toilet all the time :-D
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