Order FREE Oriental Perfume Samples from Nejma
Order FREE Oriental Perfume Samples from Nejma

Order FREE Oriental Perfume Samples from Nejma

Nejma is a line of luxury Oriental perfumes with exotic fragrances. Click 'perfume Samples' at the top right of the page and complete your details to receive a FREE sample of a Nejma perfume.
Be sure to include which fragrance sample you'd like


Just ordered a sample for my OH. I'm sure she'll appreciate it. They can afford to send out samples when you see the cost of the full-size bottles. €100 for 100ml. Jeez-o......

Thank you, heat and rep applied x

Thanks! Just the kind of fragrances I like! heat added

Heat from me:thumbsup:

I filled in the online form and imediately got a suspicious mail which msn blocked "for my safety".

:thumbsup: thanks you x

yes i got suspicious e mail too i didnt open i just deleted it straight away!!!!!!!

Ordered. http://img394.imageshack.us/img394/779/ty0701pi8.jpg

Didn't work for me over 2 days of trying?:

Delivery of email to this address

"[email protected]"

has failed due to a full mailbox. We have already made numerous
attempts to deliver this message over the last few days.

Please try to send your message again at a later time.


I got a postmaster report that my email could not be delivered to them? they say there box is full? I never sent them a email? just filled the form in? will try again on Monday :-)

Why ask for ZipCode, Is this coming from the states? Or should I say It wont be coming at all



thank you very much x

same ere same problem

spam spam and more spam
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