Order Free Samples @ abodedirect
Order Free Samples @ abodedirect

Order Free Samples @ abodedirect

If you require samples of any of the materials shown below, please fill in the form and we will be glad to send them out to you.


boring and don't appreciate getting 6 email alerts about all these swatch emails.

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so you're just making all my deals COLD????????? Cheers Pal i'll do same for you one day :x

marked as spam. absolutely no need for all these seperate "deals".

utter nonsense, who NEEDS tiny little pieces of fabric?!!?

Not fair to spam things just because you are not interested in them.... moving this back to the forums.

These are very handy for people who do arts and crafts, and the like.

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These samples are a great find for an interior design project I am working on...
Voted hot from me...Thank You

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A big thankyou to all of you that don't spam me!!!
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