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Posted 20 February 2023

Order small spare parts for IKEA products for free online e.g. screws and fittings @ IKEA

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I thought this was worth a reminder in case you needed a spare spare part such as screw, cupboard hinge etc for IKEA products. You can order smaller spare parts such as screws, knobs or plugs for free using the online IKEA self-service. Spare parts will be delivered directly to your home address for free in approximately 3 to 5 business days, subject to stock availability etc.

Order small spare parts

Find and order screws, cam locks, dowels and more for BILLY, HEMNES, POÄNG, MALM and other IKEA products.
You will need a spare part number to order, A spare part identification number can be found in the products assembly instructions.

  • 1. On the Ikea homepage, search for the product first
  • 2. In the product page, find the 'Product details' section
  • 3. In the sidebar, find and open the 'Assembly & Documents' section. There you will find the assembly document, which contains the spare part number
  • 4. Then go back to the Small Spare Parts page and add in the spare part number for your product in the search box


  • 5. Then input spare part number and select how many you need.


  • 6. Then input address details to get the spare part ordered for free


Order bigger spare parts

We have many furniture spare parts available. You can ask about them at your IKEA store or by contacting our customer service centre, these are only available when your items are still under warranty.

Contact Us

Useful links

IKEA Spare parts
IKEA Family
Return policy
IKEA More details at

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  1. Cyb's avatar
    After moving home I misplaced all the screws and stuff for our Malm bed. I placed an order on Sunday and it was dispatched yesterday.

    It was a bit tricky as I had to get al the part codes from the products page but after that you just tap them in all one by one. Actually you can only order 20 parts in one order, so I had to place two orders.

    Can't complain!

    Edit: My delivery is on 28th Feb - so it's not quick but it's all free! Can't complain really. (edited)
    Lifeistest's avatar
    You just did..... Complain!
  2. biscuits4eva's avatar
    I got so excited when I saw this deal - Sod's law the one piece I have needed for ages doesn't seem to have a part number. Grrrrr

    Any way I can get round this and still get this dowel looking part sent? Thanks in advance.

    deleted2737442's avatar…ls/

    What size are Ikea dowels
    Ikea dowels come in a range of sizes. Below is a list of common dowel sizes and part numbers made by Ikea:

    #101375: 5mm (D) x 30mm (L)
    #101345: 6mm (D) x 30mm (L)
    #101339: 6mm (D) x 50mm (L)
    #101350: 8mm (D) x 30mm (L)
    #101359: 10mm (D) x 40mm (L)

    Hope that is of some help, just order a ton of each to make sure one of the sizes will fit.

    It took me half an hour to finally find the site "howtoflatpack", so hope this will be of use to other esteemed HUKD memnbers.
  3. Neostar's avatar
    Does anyone know where I can find this?

    It's for a desk table but I don't know what it is called

    alien's avatar
    cam lock nut
  4. tek-monkey's avatar
    I was rather cheeky and ordered a load of Hemnes door handles, to change a different unit we had to match. Looks much better now! There are limits on the number of each part you can order, but it's different for each part so may correspond to the number of parts found in a product?

    People sell these on ebay!
    xciv's avatar
    If people abuse the system they will likely remove it..
  5. savagevixen's avatar
    This is just a PSA, they’ve done this for at least 12 years. They have a large area in the refund that stocks spare parts you can help yourself too and they often have parts you can just ask for.
    Broxy's avatar
    I asked the other day in reading about a pair of drawer runners for my 6 year old malm drawers, the guy went to the back and quickly came out with a pair FOC . Can't moan about that
  6. dumplingwrestler's avatar
    Thanks this is really useful! I just went to Ikea on the weekend to replace a couple of parts and panels for Pax wardrobe. The panels would have to be done in store anyway.

    But I have just realised a great tip. I noticed that the panel I replaced had a small split due to wear (which they replaced). I just had a look at the instructions and looks like it has since been upgraded with a reinforcing brace part so I'm guessing it was a common issue. So I have ordered 14 of said braces to upgrade all my drawers.

    So if you have any old ikea furniture, it may be worth going through instructions to see if any bits have been upgraded since purchase and ordering free parts. (edited)
    nasenokuk's avatar
    Do you remember part number pls
  7. Kinz619's avatar
    How do you get the numbers for the spear parts?
    nadnerb's avatar
    Find your assembly instructions - the part numbers are listed on the first few pages.
    Or if you don't have them, go to the IKEA site, search for your item and download the assembly instructions
  8. itchyone's avatar
    Useful to know. Lego do this also for missing bits.
    bald_vale's avatar
    Lego do Ikea parts
  9. rrr99gp's avatar
    Does anyone know the part number for these?


    I lost them in a house move and could use some more.
    y50p's avatar
  10. KingAndaval's avatar
    Do Ikea usually charge for small parts?
    phantomfreak's avatar
    No, they have boxes on the wall with a large assortment of spare parts in customer services in store. Free.
  11. hotukbeard's avatar
    I did this the other day.

    The bracket for my roller blind snapped. Didn't expect to be able to order free parts. Few days later, my blinds are back up.

    Nice one IKEA.
  12. Easthighland's avatar
    i think you can also get those in any ikea store, i got mine from the return&refund area.
  13. Channy-2020's avatar
    Thank you so much for sharing Op, have just bent one of the screws when dismantling our bunk bed so have ordered a replacement
    deleted2737442's avatar
    Might be useful to order 2 for if you dismantle it in the future and a screw bends, if that is a design problem with them.

    Just a suggestion to consider for any HUKD members reading this.
  14. Shrekt's avatar
  15. Cyb's avatar
    This is why... not everyone got the same memo at the same time.

    49613554-MwYfK.jpg (edited)
  16. Jace_Phoenix's avatar
    Cool, i ordered several thousand wooden dowels. Should keep the fire going
  17. JungleBug's avatar
    A few members here have a screw loose, so this is excellent.
    Jonwillis's avatar
    Not sure IKEA have enough screws to fix that problem
  18. dogsballs's avatar
    never knew this so thanks
  19. merchant_ac's avatar
    Knowing how much IKEA charge for the delivery of complete items, it might be cheaper to order all the bits separately. (edited)
  20. GlasgowDave's avatar
    Got a keyword alert for ‘screw’, ‘knob’ and ‘plug’. Not the deal I was looking for but it’s super hot nonetheless
    Cyb's avatar
    what were you looking for?
  21. Backinamo's avatar
    Thanks. Ruined a screw and can order.
  22. TheTallBloke's avatar
    This should forever be as HOT as the Sun!
  23. bigtastyburger's avatar
    Didn't know this - and just junked a besta TV stand cos it was missing some parts - wished I'd known sooner!

    Have some heat anyway!
  24. DayDreamer121's avatar
    Thanks op you saved me a visit to the store, had some screws missing managed to order them. Didn’t know they had online option for part. Appreciate you sharing this info.
  25. MrsPickleJuice's avatar
    how is this a deal? It's always been a thing.
  26. Sian.'s avatar
  27. avz108's avatar
    Had no idea they did this, thanks alot
  28. Dym0r's avatar
    Ordered screws for kura bed few months ago. They where sent from Romania but delivered in 4-5 days
  29. Nest_ro's avatar
    Wow. Thank you, ordered. You saved my life.
    Chanchi32's avatar
    haha no problem
  30. Leandro's avatar
    Tried a couple of times to order a small handle with a screw. First time the system told me my order was "blocked". Second time around it just showed "server error". Did we break IKEA's website?
    Leandro's avatar
    Tried again today and it worked now. Not sure what happened, but if anyone is having the same issue just try again another time and it might work
  31. RachelLaw81's avatar
    Very cool! Thanks!
  32. Neiliboy's avatar
    i had no idea - thanks!
  33. martynhardacre's avatar
    This is great! I assumed you would at least need to cover postage but no! Completely free
  34. beamo's avatar
    I need a cross support for a malm chest of draws that broke when being moved. Shame you can’t get spare main parts
    mgk's avatar
    Me too...but when I looked it seems like you would have to dismantle the whole thing to replace
  35. TightNortherner's avatar
    I did exactly this after moving home and misplacing all the dowels and screws. Can recommend.
  36. eyeballpaul152's avatar
    Thank for posting! Just lost a weird type screw tonight when taking apart the gaming desk. I think the part fell into the leg of the desk……🫣

    Anyway, just ordered a new screw and was super easy!
  37. cochice1's avatar
    Perfect timing just broke 2 of my Curtain system clips
  38. szczepan.puchaa's avatar
    Great service. Ordered many small parts and got delivered within 3 days with dpd although was advised 7-10 days. Please note I couldn't order when logged to my ikea family account - there was an error. I placed an order on the phone. They're very helpful. P.S. Maybe that would be enough to just log out first and then place an order online. (edited)
  39. TiredParent's avatar
  40. Littlemiss85's avatar
    If you go in store they give you all the screws you need too they are brilliant have some heat 👏👏
's avatar