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Ordnance Survey Maps £6 00 + Free Delivery @ Blacks

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Blacks have Ordnance Survey maps in stock for £6, a saving of 40%.

These maps also include the digital.download code that can be used with the OS Map app without chage.

You also get free delivery until Monday.
Blacks More details at Blacks
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  1. BruceyBonus's avatar
    These maps are £5.99 (with free delivery) at Dash4it. They often have coupon codes too that bring the price down further. (edited)
    Roobot's avatar
    I agree with this, if you're not in a rush wait for them to put a decent discount code up. Nice to support a smaller business as well.
  2. Hotter's avatar
    Ordnance Survey maps are free to access via a layer on Bing Maps on the web (desktop web browser rather than mobile).
  3. Proveright's avatar
    Thanks OP. Bit like old dial up land line phones, I bet the youth of today are going
    " Ordnance Survey Maps", what's one of those?

    How did we find our way by car on holiday years ago by just using a map?
    Robdataff's avatar
    From memory, we found the way quite slowly, with rustling oversized sheets 9f paper noises, untrustworthy staring at the person in the passenger seat, and the occasional pulling into laybys and squinting at distant road signs.
  4. Yokai_Kitsune's avatar
    Awesome. Thanks. Ordered a bunch of inspiration
  5. Tencher2's avatar
    Thanks for posting. Worth it just for the download. Can use on your phone and shows real time position as well as altitude and distance travelled on your hike.
    Must have app if you walk in all weather's and the weather closes in.
  6. hightower4's avatar
    Great for local walks have ordered a few thanks
  7. Roger_Irrelevant's avatar
    All UK 1:25k and Strava heatmaps to show hidden paths, or unused public ones.

    jsoap's avatar
    What are you viewing this with? Also when I look Strava, I just see a load of spaghetti, rather than the clean lines in your pic
  8. Ukguy101's avatar
    Remember many a road trip with my dad & family with the maroon/purple covers on these OS maps. Was made official map reader. What no GPS lol!
  9. westspeed's avatar
    Can someone tell me if I buy a landranger or explorer map do I get the same download or are they different scales?
    BruceyBonus's avatar
    The download is exactly the same as the printed map.
  10. ellyria's avatar
    Does anybody know if you get future updates on the downloaded offline maps as well?
    BruceyBonus's avatar
    No, you can download the version of the map you bought forever, but don't get new editions.
  11. whoknew's avatar
    Many councils provide online access to OS maps in their planning portals.
  12. FOMister's avatar
    Are these the weatherproof ones?

    Edit: 'active' ones are £9.60 so 30% off! Cheers op (edited)
    spiney90's avatar
    Active versions of the Explorer Maps are 40% off, not 30%...
  13. fubar888's avatar
    Really good price and I’ve got a large map collection but I find myself using the app with annual subscription (£20 per year, less sometimes with offers) almost exclusively. The physical maps are valuable when off on a ‘proper’ walk or for route planning but having the ability to look at any area ad hoc is more useful to me.
  14. JCP11's avatar
    Who wants a map that asks you survey questions??
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