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ATC Chameleon Dual Lens Action Camera Save £100 - £49.99 @ Oregon Scientific
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Posted 11th Apr 2014Posted 11th Apr 2014
ATC Chameleon Dual Lens Action Camera Save £100 - £49.99 @ Oregon Scientific£49.99
Hi all, I was browsing the web for a dual lens cameras and luckily enough this came up in my search. I've just placed my order, seems like a bargain. Grab yours before their gon… Read more
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Import Duty is not payable on goods valued under £135. VAT is payable on goods valued over £15, however, the likelihood of HMRC stopping a package with a low declared value is virtually nil. Problems arise when the seller isn't savvy enough to declare a suitably low value on the package. Eletoponline365 have shipped many thousands of Mobius cameras worldwide yet, as far as I can recall, not one person participating in the Mobius Forums I follow have had their package stopped by Customs.


Marking a package as low price does not guarantee you no customs or vat charge. Only if the company you're buying from reimburses you if you get charged is it safe. Like Digital Rev.


[quote=elkay]Thanks, but I won't chance the import taxes. Elkay[/quote There's no chance of import tax. The package is marked with a low declared value. I've never heard of anyone buying from Eletoponline365 having to pay a penny extra.


Thanks, but I won't chance the import taxes. Elkay



ColourBerry Projection Clock - White  £18.99 plus postage Oregon Scientific
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Posted 20th Feb 2013Posted 20th Feb 2013LocalLocal
ColourBerry Projection Clock - White £18.99 plus postage Oregon Scientific£18.99
Oregon Scientific RM303W ColourBerry Projection Clock - White Begin a Bright Day with Colour-Fun Oregon Scientific ColourBerry Projection clocks come in 3 different colour choices… Read more
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Sorry, that link is for when its back instore for the red one




Anyone who can point me towards a red one of these, I'm all ears!


It's not currently on sale at focal price.


got mine for about £6 from focalprice. also came with temperature / humidity (which broke shortly after)

Time & Wireless Charging Station £89.99 + postage @ oregon scientifc
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Posted 5th Dec 2012Posted 5th Dec 2012
Time & Wireless Charging Station £89.99 + postage @ oregon scientifc£93.89
Nice present for anyone who has just got a Nokai 920/820. Its over £100 elsewhere There is also a very healthy 10% quidco to be had •Radio-controlled Clock •Displays indoor temp… Read more

One of the few charging mats that will work with Nexus 4. Still too pricey for me to consider it, plus I much prefer the design of the new Nexus charging Orb, But who knows when that will be available :(


I know people might think the device is expensive for what it is, and in some ways they are right. However can anyone find it cheaper?


I dont think it's able to charge your phone/ipod/etc if they have a case


nice idea but very pricey! not voting either way

£5 off the new Boombero wireless speakers for smart phones from Oregon Scientific - £44.99
Posted 14th Sep 2012Posted 14th Sep 2012
£5 off the new Boombero wireless speakers for smart phones from Oregon Scientific - £44.99£44.99
Get £5 of at checkout with discount code: 6LD9D3GKKA New Oregon Scientific BOOMBERO Wireless Speaker - Black No Wires, No Syncing, No Docking, just Instant Play Music is for shar… Read more
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Is this not self-promotion?

Halloween Flamedeer 2020
Learning laptop for kids up to 60% off - Oregon Scientific
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Posted 2nd Aug 2012Posted 2nd Aug 2012
Learning laptop for kids up to 60% off - Oregon Scientific£14.99
Summer sale on early learning laptops from Oregon. Some good deals here for the kids the sunmer
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My little boy had one as a gift for Christmas, terrible, not even worth £5. Difficult to use and most annoying music!


No SD slot? cold


No fingerprint scanner nor any bluetooth capabilities, will look elsewhere.


Excellent price, but the lack of HDMI, USB 3.0 and what looks like a reflective screen, means I'm going to have to pass on this one. I would be interested to hear Kunyks opinion on this one.

Temperature Sensor & Radio Controlled Clock £21.44 @ Oregon Scientific
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Posted 5th Dec 2011Posted 5th Dec 2011
Temperature Sensor & Radio Controlled Clock £21.44 @ Oregon Scientific£21.44
I was looking for temperature sensor + digital clock and I came across what I think is the cheapest deal for this piece that I found anywhere on the web. Do not forget possible ca… Read more

Oregon, non shonky, sensors are swoppable for expansion of units / system. we use quite a few around the house over the years I imagine we've got around 8 units, great precision & far more use out of one of these than a "gro-egg"