Oreo thins half price 54p @ Tesco online & instore

Oreo thins half price 54p @ Tesco online & instore

Found 6th Mar 2017
Both original vanilla and chocolate cream available kids love these.
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50p in Asda for those of you that shop there. Super deal, heat added.
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If you mainly like oreos for the cream in the middles, These are horrible very little cream only fill about 50% of the space between the 2 biscuits, like upto 4 times less cream than normal size oreos and upto 8x less cream than double stuff oreos .
are they as thin as pringles

are they as thin as pringles

No not that thin lol.
been this price for at least 2 weeks
Cheaper in Asda. Cold.
Cheaper in asda and totally pointless product, was really disappointed in them.
They're meant to be £1! oO thought 50p was the norm. oh well. (digestive thins are better)
these are cr#p basacilly a flattened Oreo for the same money you could get a normal size packet
As mentioned, they've been 50p in Asda since they were released.

However I wouldn't recommend. I thought they were going to be wider Oreo's, almost like a stretched Oreo. I was wrong. They are basically Oreo's at the same size, but with about a third of the cream inside. And because of the lack of cream they don't taste as nice as a normal Oreo. And I'm finding standard Oreo packs everywhere for 50p now.

So instead of thinking of them as 'Thins' I would call them 'Reduced Cream Oreos'.
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