Oreo's - Limited Edition/Creamy White Chocolate Covered £1 @ Poundland

Oreo's - Limited Edition/Creamy White Chocolate Covered £1 @ Poundland

LocalFound 20th Dec 2009
Noticed this a few weeks back and forgot to post it. I bought some in Sainsbury's a few weeks ago to try while they were on offer for £2. They are incredible!! They are basically Oreo's covered in white chocolate. Usually you can only handle 1, 2 the most!

Anyway, now I've seen them in Poundland for just £1 a box which includes 8 packets of 2 which means 16 in total.

Ideal for Christmas, the packaging has snowmen on the front too so obviously just a winter edition.


Thanks to choc-chic, I can confirm these are also available in 99p stores in packs of 6.
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Great price!
These are really nice - I have to hide them from my kids to stop them from eating them all at once - but there is no Poundland near me so I shall have to settle for £1.49 at Morrisons.
ooh yum.. not sure when I'll get to our poundland to see if we have any, but they look sickly yummy!
they are actually really nice,i wouldnt eat more than 2 in one sitting though!
yep picked these up a few days ago - lovely - heated up
Great find!!!!

I've been getting them from the 99p shop - but they have 6 packs in so these are well better!
thanks for that - my kids love these and this is cheaper than any other offers i've seen
Got these other day and man they are yummy....
Went to Morrisons today to buy these and the Choc oranges but no Oreo's left, will have to head to Poundlound tomorrow.
got them in tesco as well, and i agree, they are delicious x
Sooooooooooooo Good!
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