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[Origin] Alice: Madness Returns (PC) - £1.99 @ EA Store

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As children we were told the story of Alice, a girl who went on an amazing adventure with mischievous cats, fancy tea parties, and an extremely irritable Queen. This isn’t a fairytale.

After the death of her family, Alice is now a mentally disturbed young woman. She’s gone through the morbid world of Wonderland before, and now she must descend once again to the depths of madness. The creatures are twisted, the puzzles are wicked, and the world around her is dissolving into insanity — but Alice is ready. Armed with her trusty Vorpal Blade, new magical abilities, and some kick-ass gothic dresses, Alice is a force to reckon with. Alice is not only on a quest to restore her sanity but also to discover the truth behind her family’s fiery death 11 years ago. That horrific event may not be a simple accident caused by the house cat. But is she ready to face the truth? Can her already fragile mind survive another trip down the rabbit hole?
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    Favourite game ever, so have some heat!
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    I never finished this but it’s really good, the art book for this is amazing
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    Great game. This is one that needs to be played in 3D
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    Brilliant game! Have it for PS3, very atmospheric adventure.