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[Origin] Crysis PC - £1.99 / Crysis 2: Maximum Edition - £3.74 / Crysis 3 - £3.99 @ EA Store
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[Origin] Crysis PC - £1.99 / Crysis 2: Maximum Edition - £3.74 / Crysis 3 - £3.99 @ EA Store

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Expert (Beta)
Posted 21st Dec 2019

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Crysis 2: Maximum Edition: origin.com/gbr…s-2

Crysis 3: origin.com/gbr…ial

What begins as a simple rescue mission becomes the battleground of a new war, as alien invaders swarm over a North Korean island chain. Armed with a powerful Nanosuit, you must achieve your objectives by any means necessary. Become invisible to stalk enemy patrols, or boost your strength to lay waste to vehicles. An advanced AI controls your enemies, so play smart. One wrong move out here could be your last.


Suit up. A high-tech Nanosuit allows you to augment your abilities in real time on the battlefield. You can choose to enhance your speed, strength, armor and cloaking abilities to approach situations in creative, tactical ways.

Adapt to survive. Dive into an epic story with an ever-changing environment, forcing you to adapt your tactics and approach to conquer battlefields ranging from newly frozen jungle to zero-gravity alien environments.

Customize your weaponry. A huge arsenal of modular weaponry gives you unprecedented control over your play style. Blow the opposition away with experimental weapons, discover alien technology, and utilize custom ammunition from incendiary-tipped rounds to tactical munitions that can silently put foes to sleep.
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Ah, the once benchmark for a high end gfx card
I only have SLI 2080ti's.

Can I hit 30FPS @720p?
This is one of those timeless games that still looks good even now. If you haven't played this already I highly reccomend you do so!
This always bugged me....

"can your PC play crysis at 60?"
..."No, even the devs cant play it above 24fps..."

Beautiful game, but made so no-one could play it... along the lines of the new Duke Nukem release date in folklore...

Never played it but might give it a go!
Is it as good as Unreal Tournament 2003?

Hmmm wonder if my gfx card will max it out lol
I love it but would definetely benefit from a remake or at least a good properly made remaster for the moment.
10+ game in my opinion. There is also a small community still playing the original MP
I remember when gameplay videos first came out for this and everybody was blown away, but expected it to look much, much worse when released; then it came out and genuinely did look THAT good, and still does to an extent; if you can run it maxed out of course 😁
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