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Pre-owned Sega Dreamcast Console

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If you have not heard the new yet, this Retro badboy is being re-release very soon. This battled the PlayStation and won in many ways its was a modders dream
Play dvds, Vcds, Avi. Mp3, browse the web and more leaving the PlayStation in its wake.

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Development tools

The development tools provided with the Dreamcast system's Windows CE Software Development Kit (SDK) were built around the Microsoft Visual Studio development system version 5.0 with well-tested and refined Visual C++ development system-based tools. The tools enabled video game developers to develop Dreamcast games on Windows-based PCs, taking advantage of the productivity and convenience features of the same advanced integrated development environment (IDE) used by developers for the Windows desktop.

The controller and VM

The Dreamcast controller was truly unique, featuring a slot on the front for the Visual Memory (VM) unit. While it primarily served as a removable storage unit for saved game data, the VM could also function as an auxiliary display during gameplay, and even sometimes as its own bespoke handheld device. Features of the VM included a small black and white screen, speaker, directional pad, and four buttons.

**Discounted grade comes with a compatible controller.

Notes About Additional Content

Our products may not include additional material like Digital Copies, Online Passes or promotional downloadable content (DLC).

Product Guide

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Games consoles are graded as one of the following:

  • Boxed - Good to Mint Condition. All essential accessories. Original, first party controller of matching colour. Official box with all inserts.
  • Unboxed - As above, just without the box.
  • Discounted - Poor condition but must be fully working. Chips, dents and scratches are acceptable providing function is not impeded. Cracks or missing/broken casing is not acceptable. All essential accessories, any compatible controller. Box not required.

* Some consoles may come with additional non-essential accessories. If a console does come with additional accessories, it will be mentioned in the product name/description

* Please note that all items with a mains plug must be local region specific and adhere to government safety standards.

Please note that CeX reserves the right to reject items based on their hygienic condition. All items must be clean and sanitary prior to shipping to us.


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  1. C0mm0d0re_K1d's avatar
    Really great system with some absolutely classic games. Many of which have never been on other systems.

    There are some second hand systems on AliExpress with built-in ODE (optical disc emulator) and hard disks full of games.
  2. Toon_army's avatar
    Somebody on here did this to their console, best looking Dreamcast I've ever seen
    John_Chapmank5I's avatar
    I want that
  3. yumenolala's avatar
    To be this good takes AGES
    To be this good takes SEGA
  4. hiimnewhere's avatar
    I remember my mother's phone bill when I had one of these... what a browser, the good ol' days eh?!
    realdeals's avatar
    Didn't you have Telewest 24/7.
  5. joshua.brown's avatar
  6. CyDoNiA's avatar
    Erm the Dreamcast battled the PS2 not the PlayStation. It also couldn't play DVDs and the mod for it essentially killed it.

    Still a decent console in its time.
    Danze1984's avatar
    Was coming to say this, the Saturn battled the Playstation, and lost, very, very badly.
  7. Roger_Irrelevant's avatar
    All I remember about this is my (non-gamer) mate at the time randomly got one to play, artistic adult content, .

    He called it his "pr0n Cast", now that was ahead if it's time.
    realdeals's avatar
    Yup that's why DC was ahead of its time and the modders dream.
  8. Eastldnjak's avatar
    I was so sad when my disc reader stopped working.
    C0mm0d0re_K1d's avatar
    Replace it with an ode (gdemu board) or HDD.
  9. Korben_Dallas's avatar
    Hard to tell if what killed it was the lack of DVD support (PS2 sold many consoles because it was an affordable DVD player), the piracy or certain publishers never supporting it, like EA (poo).

    Still, it was easy to develop for (ran Windows CE), it had online gaming, it was super compact... hell even the VMU was innovative.

    Soul Calibur might still be one of the best games ever.
    realdeals's avatar
    Agreed the DC was ahead of the game.
  10. colourpie's avatar
    That fishing rod controller, tho....
    realdeals's avatar
    I've still got mine in the box too.
  11. fishmaster's avatar
    The best game console in the last 25 years.
    terryplus's avatar
    Ps2, xbox 360, ps4, pc, steam deck
  12. shiverMeTimburz's avatar
    Let's get ready 2 rumbleeeeeee!!!
    Jaws1973's avatar
    Speed demon and toys and sonic adventures
  13. NIgelK's avatar
    Ahead of its time. Classic
    No_Data's avatar
    People always say this but I think it was actually behind it's time. It was nowhere on the same level as the PS2, Xbox & Gamecube. It was a 6th generation console that tried to jump the gun but ultimately it was well behind the curve.
  14. Prosamuraiman's avatar
    I hate myself for not buying a couple more Dreamcasts when HMV had them on clearance for £29.99. It's been over 20 years but I'm still angry!
    RukasuMi's avatar
    just get a time machine
  15. Husla's avatar
    Power Stone 1 and 2.. best games
  16. DJ.Mole's avatar
    Source its being released?
    C0mm0d0re_K1d's avatar
    For what?
  17. dilatedpupils's avatar
    That grinding sound when loading games Sounded like an inkjet printer!
  18. Shrinkwrap's avatar
    Another banging Mr Realdeals thread Troll central).
    I had one way back and loved it,
    Soul Calibre, Crazy Taxi, Ready to rumble were some of my goto games. But my favourite was the House of the dead with the light guns.

  19. Arkz's avatar
    Love the DC. But never got why everyone always said it was ahead of its time. Seemed exactly of its time to me. Oooo it had internet through a phoneline... Yeah that was a new feature for us here, but previous consoles had online connectivity elsewhere, especially in Japan.

    The VMU was a cool idea but any mini games on it were extremely simplistic, and it had a tiny amount of storage, only 100KB available to the user, that's less than the 128KB a PS1 memory card had in 1994. PS2 came about 15 months later with an 8MB memory card. That's nearly 82 times more storage than a VMU had to use.

    Had to have a whole bunch of VMUs for the game saves to fit. And the batteries went dead in no time and needed coin cells instead of a AAA or something.
    Also the controller sucked. Was comfy enough, and analogue triggers were good for the few racers. But no right thumb stick, and not enough buttons made some games awkward. Good job GTA3 never came to it as intended as you'd struggle to map everything to the pad.
    Also it was noisy, and the GD ROM drive was even louder than the fan. Though early PS2s and Xbox's were also noisy. But compared to the silent N64 and practically silent Saturn and PlayStation, suddenly having a noisy machine sucked.
    Also the better graphics than previous gen was good, but they had crappy texture filtering. The horizontal lines across the screen as you saw the textures get more and more blurry in the distance sucked.

    I still loved it, had some awesome games on it. But it always seems to be remembered a bit too fondly. We got like 2 years of games, then it was dead. There wasn't much of a library on it either. Some real classics but in total probably like 10 real good games.

    Still have mine with a GD Emu and silent fan mod. But don't use it very often.
  20. uni's avatar
    being able to play backup games without a mod chip, and divx discs by using a bootdisc first (no need to make a special disc with the video), various emulators including zx spectrum and i forget the others, and fantastic games, it was a great console. still got mine plus the keyboard, mouse, games and a bunch of other add ons. i have a 100 disc tub of backups sitting somewhere too
    HHNNNGGG's avatar
    Partly why it failed
  21. MrShark's avatar
    This official Jap rare one is on a retro site for only £25k!!
    CyDoNiA's avatar
    That's insane seeing as the internals are probably the same as any other DC anyway.
  22. MPLP's avatar
    Rereleased? I thought the Dreamcast Mini was cancelled last year.
  23. Arkz's avatar
    "If you have not heard the new yet, this Retro badboy is being re-release very soon. This battled the PlayStation and won in many ways its was a modders dream
    Play dvds, Vcds, Avi. Mp3, browse the web and more leaving the PlayStation in its wake."

    Wat? Since when is it being re released? Since when was it a modders dream? Cause you can fit a GD Emu? Like all the other console OD Emulators? Also famously doesn't play DVDs. Won't play VCD, Avi, or MP3 CDs either.
  24. totneschap's avatar
    The Dreamcast is getting a rerelease!! Since when?
    jopilar's avatar
    I think bro got our hopes up.....I can't find detail of this anywhere
  25. consolegamer's avatar
    One of the best consoles ever made. Those 3 years of gaming were pure joy. I wish sega continued rather than giving in and shifting to the xbox.
  26. Alipan's avatar
    A lot of the games were arcadey and quite shallow which I appreciate more now but at the time it didnt feel great spending all my gaming money on something like Crazy Taxi or Virtua Tennis.

    And most of the coolest games were Japanese release only.

    It was OK but I do think the PS2 was just so much better for games.
  27. blueyes74's avatar
    Loved the Dreamcast. When it came out I was off sick with flu but still travelled from one side of London to the other by tube/train to pick one up. Even better when those backups came out so quickly. Great times😃
  28. AverageMuggle's avatar
    It's funny how this works isn't it. If you trade in an xbox series s you have just about got enough to swap it for a console from 1998.
  29. aLV426's avatar
    Spook - I was looking at these in store and they where marked @ £170! So a nice saving!

    I guess the only thing wrong with it is the lack of hard drive... (edited)
  30. quantum77's avatar
    I guess the laser has trouble on these eventually? Mine seems to read 3 out of 5 games, and occasionally fails on a game that worked 5 mins before!
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